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Why Is it That Mobile Gaming Continues to Get More and More Popular?

Why Is it That Mobile Gaming Continues to Get More and More Popular?


Mobile gaming has been getting more and more popular in recent years and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either. There are now an estimated 2.6 billion people who enjoy playing games on their smartphones in 2022 and this is due to several different factors. Throughout this article, we will be talking about mobile gaming in more detail, and specifically what it is about mobile gaming that is getting more and more people playing over purchasing new computers and consoles. 

Easy to Access Variety 

It wouldn’t be fair to say the variety available on mobile phones is a USP. Regardless of the console, you are using you are going to be able to find a massive range of variety on there, such as sporting games, shooters, and adventure games. The difference is that, with mobile gaming, access to this variety and the ability to browse becomes a lot easier. This is because app stores have a whole range of different games available, and a lot of the games come with the option to try them for free, so players can have a go before they commit to buying. Not to mention, there is no wait time involved when you buy a mobile game but sometimes with consoles, you must wait hours for a game to install or even days for it to be delivered. When you use mobile gaming, within seconds, you can switch from playing as Ronaldo in FIFA to playing aussie online pokies in an online casino. 

We Go on Our Phones More 

Thanks to the number of technological advancements that have been and continue to be made, it is hardly a surprise that more and more people are spending an increased amount of time on their mobile phones. This means that making the switch from checking social media to playing a game is a lot easier and, therefore, more of us opt to do this. This also means that downloading a game onto your phone is more straightforward as people can just go on another app whilst that’s happening, which they probably would have gone on anyway. 

Mobile Games Are Getting Better 

Mobile games used to be 2D adventure games with repetitive objectives and little in the way of anything else. This is no longer the case. Games are becoming a lot more sophisticated and, as such, more people like to play them. Consoles used to be more popular because their quality offered something that mobile games never could, but this simply isn’t the case anymore. People can get the same standard of a game that they would get on a console right there in the palms of their hands. 


There is no escaping the fact that mobile gaming continues to get more and more popular. There are several different reasons for this but some of the most prominent include the increased amount we use our phones, the variety of games, and the standard of mobile games. 

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