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Fastest Web Browser for Android 2021| Best Android Browsers

Fastest Web Browser for Android 2021| Best Android Browsers

fastest web browser for android

Choice, a word that seems so easy but yet so difficult in our day to day lives.

Especially for Tech Geeks.

Believe it or not, some tech geek is out there wondering ”What Android browser should I go for, Which is the best Android browser, Which is the fastest web browser for Android”.

Are you one of them? Well, Just sit back, relax and enjoy this epic ride; fastest web browser for Android.

Given that not one thing on this planet is a 100% efficient, what makes you think that there actually exists a browser which can properly and completely meet your speed desires?

The idea that a “fastest web browser for Android” actually exists is very bogus. 

This is because there really isn’t a set deal when it comes to how fast people want things to be for them and how much they’re willing to sacrifice for that speed.

That said, the four browsers detailed here today are those that I think meet up with speed requirements without completely blowing off other features. 

P.S: This list is made with no exact order in mind.

I and a group of highly skilled tech geeks have put together a list of some of the fastest web browser for Android. so if you are looking for the best Android browser for downloading, you came to the right place.

However, do remember that download speed can also be affected by your ISP’s bandwidth throttling.  To prevent this, you can augment the browsers below by connecting to an Android VPN.

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the right default Android browser for your device, but I don’t want to be too geeky or techy.

So, I’ll name just two main factors, and there are;

  1. Browsing speed.
  2. Downloading speed.
  3. Memory Usage.

Let’s quickly go through some browsers and see what they have to offer. I trust that after this post, you’ll know which is the fastest Android browser and is also best for you.

List of Fastest Web Browser For Android

Don’t judge me just yet if your favorite browser is not on my list of fastest Android browsers.

Wait and see what these bad boys can do;

NOTE: Service provider also matters when it comes to choosing the fastest web browser for Android. If your service provided browsing network is poor then even the fastest of Android web browsers won’t do you any good.

fastest web browser for android

Google Chrome browser is top-notch when it comes to fastness. Chrome has made its mark as a steady go-to browser for most android users.

This is mostly because of its speed when downloading and loading web pages, music, and videos and also because most new Android phones now come with Chrome as their default browser.

It is safe to recommend that if your phone has Chrome as its default browser, you should stick to it.

With a 4.3 star rating on Play Store, it is mostly described by users with adjectives such as the best browser, useful and easy to use.

It uses an open source, high-performance JavaScript engine written in C++ called V8 which helps load web pages faster when compared to other browsers.

Besides meeting your need for speed, Chrome has additional features that make your browsing experience less of a chore.

Some these are, Predictive typing (it finishes your sentences; how cute.), multi-device syncing, incognito browsing and built-in Google safe browsing. It also comes with voice search for when you’re on the go, mobile data saving, smart personalized recommendations based on your search history and offline access to downloaded web pages.

fastest web browser for android

Rated on Google Play Store with a 4.2-star rating, Puffin is described by most of its users as the fastest browser they’ve ever used.

I was kinda skeptical about speed when I first used Puffin browser. But my jaws literally dropped when I tried accessing a website.

Take it from me, Puffin Browser is fast. This goes beyond just public opinion as Puffin is also noted by most tech guys to have passed a number of benchmarks.

Puffin though has a downside which is its memory capacity. Hence, you’re advised to use this if only your phone can handle it.

There have been complaints of it crashing after a few minutes of use and also overheating phones. I believe this might be as a result of a recent update. Other than that, it stands as the most frequented “speed” browser, supporting flash games and all.

Its additional features include multi-device sync and GIF support amongst other add-on features.

Puffin works by sending the relevant information required by devices to a cloud before then transferring the data to the devices. This way, it loads big website files faster. The data sent to the cloud is encrypted so it stays private. 

fastest web browser for android

Opera mini has a 4.4-star rating on Play Store and this might be mostly due to its UI and ease of use.

Focusing on speed, it works fair enough without using a lot of data. It loads web pages all at once without making you wait for the images to come later.

Opera Mini works by rendering pages on an off-site server and sends the result to your device.

While doing this it can compress your data (for those with limited data plans and terrible network speeds) and makes different compression levels available to you with the most extreme being the breaking of page layout when needed.

Its download speed is also commendable but does not compare to Chrome in this sense. It has a changeable theme, an ad blocker and you can switch between phone and tab layouts.

fastest web browser for android

As the fourth browser on this list, we have Lightning Browser.

It’s not nearly as possible as the three first mentioned and probably needs some system update but it works just fine without crowding your space.

It provides incognito browsing, lets you use DuckDuckGo as your search engine (see 25 best Google extensions) and has no ads.

It is admittedly fast and can be used on Android 4.0 and above. It uses the Android built-in WebView engine and most importantly, plays flash games seamlessly.

All this work fine but the deal with it is that when it comes to functionality, it’s a lot like Chrome. That said, the choice lies with you.


And Bada bing, bada boom;

That was how this article on the Fastest Web Browser for Android came to an end. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing.

And hey! I know I didn’t mention most browsers that you’d expect to see.

Browsers like UC browser, Dolphin Browser, Puffin Browser, and CM Browser. You can check out this post on best android browsers to see other Android browsers that I didn’t mention in this article.

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