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12 Best Role-Playing Games For Android | RPGs For Android 2021

12 Best Role-Playing Games For Android | RPGs For Android 2021


Role-Playing Games For Android is a whole new adventure. Dive into the world of 3d graphics role-playing games that will totally kill boredom and give you an amazing experience.

When it comes to role-playing games there are no words that might describe how entertaining and interesting they are. Every single feature is amazing, from the graphics to the controls to every other mechanics that make the games what they are.

In summary, the category, role-playing games have one of the best games ever on google play store.

Some of the games might require a mobile network connection to run, but the other games that don’t demand network connection are as amazing as those that do.

List Of Role-playing Games For Android

MARVEL Future Fight

This is an amazing blockbuster action-packed role-playing game for Android, featuring all the latest superheroes and supervillains from the Marvel comics. You have superheroes like the sarcastic Deadpool, Spiderman, Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Thanos, Captain America, Captain Marvel and many more.

Your objective is to create a team of your favorite superheroes. Take them to battle and beat down any team put in front of you. Now after every fight you should upgrade your fighters. Upgrade them one after the other, increase certain attributes in them and go to battle again. The storyline that led up to this future fights began with the message that was sent to Nick Fury the director of S.H.E.I.L.D. The message stated that there is going to be a future attack on earth and he has to do all he can to defend the world form this attack by assembling the strongest superheroes available.

Your sworn duty is to assemble superheroes that will be available in this game. Gear them up and get them ready to defend the earth from any attack, foreign and domestic. The graphics of this amazing Roleplaying Games For Android are totally off the charts and the controls are simple to use. The action buttons will be displayed once you are about to begin any fight.

Shadow Fight 3

Enter the world of shadow fighters and engage in some great battle action. Their world is on the verge of war, use your shadow fighter character and defend it. The enemies of your shadow world won’t stop until they have gotten rid of you and your world. Equip yourself with the most destructive weapons and tools for battle. Get into the battlefield and fight to the death to protect your world from treacherous enemies.

This game has a really modern cool 3d graphics and dope animations, simple controls and smooth gameplay. You have a lot of shadow powers and at your disposal, use them as well as other shadow abilities. The storyline of this game is very interesting, will totally keep you glued to your Android device. Also, there are a lot of other side quests. You have special missions to complete and earn more points which can be used later to upgrade your shadow fighters. This game is 69mb in installation size, but you will need to download an additional resource file to play the game.

Darkness Rises

Here’s yet another RPG game for Android 2018. This game is filled with action-packed scenes. Conquer the darkness from where ever it might be before the darkness conquers you. Darkness in everywhere in this amazing role-playing game, evil lurks in the darkness. Your mission is to find it and vanquish such darkness before it rises to a point where you are helpless to it.

A whole lot of awesome features is present in this game, from the epic dungeon fights to the earth-shattering Boss fights. You have cool unique 3d graphics and dope gameplay, don’t just get me started on the amazing sound effects, that one is totally mind-blowing. Nothing can stop you if you set out your mind to win every fight, and stand a chance of being the true one and only fearsome leader.

Have fun with a unique game of this magnitude and be sure to download it. It’s not every day a game like this comes by, it is just 89mb in installation size.

Game Of Sultans

I present to you a unique role-playing game, top-notch graphics, smooth gameplay, and simple controls. I am certain you have not seen a game like this before, this isn’t your regular action fighting Role playing Games For Android. This game is surely one of the best role-playing games you will ever play.

In Game of Sultans, become a sultan. Create and build your very own empire, rule it however you wish, experience the empire at your beck and call. Create a Harem of beautiful, powerful and influential queens. They will help you make decisions in your kingdom and obey your every command. Also, raise a family, your queens will give birth to beautiful babies and you will have to raise them from childbirth. Watch them grow into strong and devoted young men and women.

This game is totally fun. If you are fond of the ancient history and you like all those ancient, old days movies you watch like Games Of Thrones, Into The Badlands and many others. Then this game is perfect for you. Enjoy the amazing simulation of the characters and features in this role-playing game. It is just 87mb in installation size.

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MARVEL Strike Force

Engage in an entertaining role-playing fight in Marvel Strike Force, choose your favorite Marvel superheroes and engage in epic combat to show who is stronger and better. This game is a complete free-to-play role-playing game, suitable on any Android device. There is a long line of Marvel superheroes waiting to be called upon to fight. You have guys like Doctor Strange, Groot, Ant-man, Rocket Raccoon, Ironman, Loki, and others.

You will have to play with multiple fighters, therefore, assemble your squad, recruit powerful and durable fighters to your team, upgrade their outfit and fighting skills so that they can stay strong. Before the fight begins, you will have to arrange the fighters in a strategic position, who begins the fight matters a lot, put your best fighters first and last and other not so powerful fighters in the middle, start every fight with intensity and power, give it all you got in the first round so that if you get to the last round where your best fighter is positioned to take over, 80 percent of the job has been done. All you’re left to do is ‘FINISH IT’.

The superheroes in the game look a lot like the real-life Marvel superheroes, which make this game fun and addictive with cool 3d graphics, stunning gameplay, and smooth controls. The game is just 91mb in the installation size waiting and ready to be downloaded.


Eternium is an amazingly outstanding well crafted action-packed Role-playing game. Eternium is one of the best of all the Role playing Games For Android when it comes to simple and smooth controls. The graphics are okay and the gameplay is pretty decent, worthy of a 5-star rating. The game itself already has over 10 million downloads and is just 89mb in the installation size, suitable for Android versions 4.0 and above.

This cool player-friendly game has simple controls with the buttons appearing on the screen, clearly seen. All you have to do is “tap to move”, “swipe to cast”, attack and defense buttons and the rest. This game can be played offline so don’t worry about needing a mobile data connection. Play and unlock a lot of features and collect gems to buy any equipment or weapon you may wish to use. Enjoy the non-stop action in this RPG.

DC Legends: Battle For Justice

Create a team and assemble all the DC comic heroes, both the good and evil, unite unlikely allies so as to create a formidable team. You have a wide range of superheroes to recruit to your team. Superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash, The Joker, Lex Luthor and more. As you go on in the game, upgrade your gear, improve the speed and strength of your fighters and gain experience.

Before any fight, have a strategy, have a game plan, use this to win without stress and without even involving all your superheroes in the fight. You can customize your superheroes to look good before any fight, upgrade them with new and improved abilities. You can also fight against other players around the world in an online mode, prove your supremacy and dominance in this game. The game is 59mb in the installation size, quite low for an Amazing RPG game for Android.

WWE Champions

The list still goes on guys. The best of the best RPG games for Android is yet to come. WWE Champions is a cool, beautiful puzzle role-playing game with high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay. Fight in one on one singles competition, mixed match action, and tag team action as well. You have access to both male and female wrestlers, choose your favorite wrestler and begin the match.

Use those amazing role-playing skills to win and earn more XP to boost your wrestlers and unlock more wrestlers. Customize your wrestlers and upgrade their fighting skills, and if you are going to be playing in the tag team matches, chose wisely. Select from the powerhouses to the technicians to the high-flyers and more. You have ultimate old wrestlers, all-time legends as well as the top wrestlers in this new era.

You can also hire other wrestler trainers to improve on the skill set of your current wrestlers. The downside of this amazing game is that the game can only play via a Mobile Data connection. This game is 79mb in the installation size.

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Heroes Infinity

Experience thrilling action-filled RPG with 3d graphics and cool gameplay. Dive into the world of adventure, heroes, and creatures. Build a strong team to withstand the attacks from the enemy.

Power up, create a leaderboard to keep track of your progress and show you how far you have gone. Have a strategy when you go up against one of the most destructive forces in this game. There are a whole lot of features in the game that will totally keep things interesting. You have the adventure mode, skyscraper mode, boss party, the super boss party as well. You also have the training mode, to help you train and prepare for fights ahead.

Prove your superiority in this game, which I just 100mb in the installation size.

Angry Birds Evolution

Now you need to be prepared for this game, it is not the regular Angry Birds that you are used to. This particular RPG involves an intense battle of the Birds with the pigs. The Birds are way bigger and stronger and have more powers than ever before.

Angry Birds Evolution is very addictive and very entertaining, you can play for hours and hours, non-stop and not get tired. The objective of this game is quite simple, collect as man new Angry Birds as you can, evolve them and form a team of all your evolved Angry Birds. You have over a hundred new Angry Birds at your disposal including the popular Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terrence, Matilda and many more.

Go on a thrilling adventure to discover the person behind the mystery of the Bacon Corp. Engage in challenging PvP tournaments. Battle on the mysterious and popular Bird Island, dominate the tournament and earn more stunning rewards. This game is 88mb in the installation size, but other additional resource files will need to be downloaded.

Era Of Celestials

Begin a new adventure with this amazing game under my list of RPGs For Android in the Era of Celestials. Transform into powerful celestials and hunt down the evil lurking in unseen places. Your enemy has marched his army to your gate, the celestials are searching for who will take over and vanquish the marching enemy’s army. Enjoy an ultimate game experience with dope graphics, smooth gameplay, simple controls, and stunningly realistic sound.

A special Elysian transformation system transforms your heroes into invincible celestials and Elysians. Upgrade your armor, hunt down the bosses of the armies and collect the loot. Build a piece of legendary divine equipment and engage in some real-time PvP battles. If you get overwhelmed by your enemy, use your sprites to come back hard and slay all the murderous enemies.

You have a whole lot of unique costumes to change from time to time. Era Of Celestials is 96mb in the installation size, with over 10 million downloads so far.

Legend Of Solgard

Legend Of Solgard is a very entertaining RPG with amazing visual animations and smooth controls. A whole lot of fighting is going to take place in this game, battle of the strongest and toughest. Assemble your team, upgrade skills and master your RPG tactics. The character Solgard is turning to the winter, his creatures are trapped in the ice crystals, and his world is literally turning into ice. You have to fight to vanquish the icy evil that is coming against Solgard.

Improve your skills and battle other creatures in the Arena. upgrade the powers of your heroes and your army as well. Play in the multiplayer mode to fight with other players and test your skills and tactics. Explore the enchanting world. This game is totally free and requires no additional file to play. All you have to do is download the main game file from the link below, it’s just 98mb in the installation size.


The controls of the RPG are smooth, simple and easy to use, this is true for all RPGs For Android. Most of the RPGs For Android above will require you to download an additional resource file that might take quite a lot of Data if you are using the Mobile Data connection. If you wish to download over WiFi connection then you will need the network to be on and stable.

All the Games For Android mentioned above are totally free and are available on google play store and other Apps stores all over the world.

I will like to end this session by saying thank you to all my viewers, I hope you find the right RPG (Roleplaying Game) and enjoy a long-lasting game experience. Once again thanks, till next time.

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