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Best Games Like GTA For Android | The Best Of The Best 2021

Best Games Like GTA For Android | The Best Of The Best 2021


Grand theft auto is one of the best if not the best mission game ever developed. Amazing gameplay and dope graphics. Completely entertaining and totally worth it.

It always keeps the player at the edge of his seat with exciting missions and every other minor detail being observed. You will get solely captivated in hundreds of missions and adventures that will get you every time. But what happens when the player completes the game? here I will be showing you Best games like GTA for android. A list of all the best and worthy games that should be associated with the legendary GTA.

 List Of Best Games Like GTA for Android

Gangster vegas

Dive into a city of sin in an outrageous las vegas where you play as a mixed martial arts superstar whose dreams of becoming a champion clashes with theft, gang wars, and even zombies! Play through 80 exciting missions in story mode and have unlimited access to all the weapons in this game. Build up clans of criminals to strike from the shadows against your enemies.

Based on the storyline, you were arrested and imprisoned for a crime you did not commit. Now, you have left the prison, you now free in the streets to prove your innocence and go after the people that framed you. Browse through a gallery of weapons to make your career easier. You also have an array of cars to choose from. Select your favorite car and drive it around the wonderful city.

You can also customize your game avatar into whatever you wish it to be, customize your cars and even your guns. Change your wardrobe from time to time, keep the game interesting and fun.

 Crime Wars San Andreas

Ever felt the need to upgrade your gangster level and earn more respect on the street? You can do that in this amazing Best game like GTA. Enter the world of dirty cops, drug dealers, thugs, murderers and all the worst you can find. Enjoy the perfect graphics and well-constructed characters. The gameplay is so smooth and fun, the controls are so simple and easy to use.

There are a lot of different missions and achievements to win to upgrade your inventory. Variety of weapons starting from as little as a pistol to an RPG. Play illegal races around the city!..just click on the download button below to see more and download this game for just 92mb in the installation size. Pick your favorite gun and get ready to shoot and be involved in the action.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Great variety of ammunition and weapons are at your disposal,  Steal awesome and fast rides!. With many weapons and cars at your disposal become a chief in the streets of criminality in Vegas. Become a chief in the military streets of crime in Vegas, stand against any competition and challenges that will confront you.

Control the simulation in this crime game. This game is truly one of the Best Games like GTA for Android with amazing graphics and decent gameplay. The controls are easy and swift, take complete control of your environment. Don’t miss any action in this game, try not to skip any scenes or mission, totally entertaining and full of action-packed fun.

This game is totally free, with just a few in-app purchases and a few ads. The game is simply 99mb in the installation size.

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Payback 2

Begin straightforward races to capture the flag, and win every event. This game brings you the best simulation closest to an interesting atmosphere. No matter how you are feeling at any point in time, Payback 2 is a really cool relaxing game. The game will help you relax and have fun while playing. Engage in interesting missions and race with the best in the game.

This Best game like GTA also features different game modes from the varied campaign, take on the world, hourly, daily and weekly challenges and endless replayability. The campaign mode is broad, you can end up playing for hours and hours without stopping. The weekly challenges will require you to visit it probably every week, some cool cars, equipment, and tools, also weapons will be added.

Just like GTA, you can drive cars, use guns and many more other mechanics that will be present in the game. The game is 97mb in the installation size, basically, almost all Best games like GTA on Android will cost you some Data.

Gangster New Orleans 

An open-world game bustling with crime and sin! defend your innocence and thrive through all the bloodshed and chaos. In this game, you are the gangster, the rugged one, the bad guy. Use your power, influence and the strength of your gang to threaten, kill and rule the city of New Orleans.

Defend your gang and raid others! Go up against other gangs in this action-filled shooting game. You have an array of heavy weapons at your disposal. Fight to keep the peace in your gang and control other gangs and gang members to keep them in line.

Make your path and rise to the top in this game! Enjoy unlimited features, from cars to guns to every other thrilling feature in this game. Gangster New Orleans is an amazing game like GTA, although not nearly as dope as GTA, but totally worth it.

 Clash of Crime 2

Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle types, choose from a long list of amazing cars and select your favorite. Use the cars you choose to commit all the crimes that will require you to use a car. Clash with your tough rivals and try to come out on top in the battle.

Double cross the mafia and deceive the police, take down anyone that seems not to be on your side. Go up against your rivals and contend with all your opposition. raid powerful gang hideouts and eliminate your competition.

Hd quality graphics aren’t lacking in this game, dope gameplay and amazing and smooth controls. Go on extensive and intensive missions, engage in difficult fights with other gangs of criminals. You are a gang leader now, you can commit some crimes and literally get away with them. You have the backing of the police, do whatever you want, but don’t get killed in the process.

Specially adapted for Android devices and Android users. This game is 77mb in the installation size so, download this delight and become a boss in the world of crime!

Real Gangster Crime 

 This app has an exciting simulator Best game like GTA, from the features to the audio production to the gameplay to the graphics and other game physics present. Don’t mind the rumors that this game isn’t what it seems, and it’s not good enough. This game is amazing and enjoyable, totally worth the Data used to download it.

A cool quality graphics and dope gameplay allow you to completely enjoy this game without getting tired or bored. Boredom will totally leave you once you start playing this game, 100% addictive.

Best guns and ammo, insane weapons arsenal, Tanks and helicopters, cars and other equipment that will be present for you to use for missions.

This game brings you to the front line of the street of Vegas with the gangsters, cops and special force military. Show no mercy or pity to any cop, soldier or gangster in your way in this game. Drop bombs, waste bullets on your enemies, run over gangsters with your cars. Nothing can stop you on your way to the top, reach and grab the brass ring of success in this game. Solidify your superiority amongst your gang members.

Dominate the city with advanced military firepower and enhanced vehicles. Get on helicopters and fire armor piercing rounds from the sky. This game is just 90mb in the installation size, with over 10 million downloads and still counting.

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 Gangstar Rio

Welcome to the city of saints and have criminally good fun, get entertained by the crazy fun activities in your city. play as the acclaimed gangster in the city of Rio de Janeiro. You have unlimited control over your gang members and over your environment. Put down anyone that dares defile your orders.

It’s a long way to the top with over 60 missions to complete and hours of random stuff to give you more fun activities. You can even customize your game avatar. Change your shoes, shirts, trousers, even buy caps and hats. Just like GTA, in this Best game like GTA, you can get more money from the bodies of people you killed. So when fighting the opposite gang, always remember to collect the coins and money if available.

More than 60 detailed missions to give you countless hours of criminally insane fun. Customize your character, browse through weapons and cars and get the best out of this game!

Go To Street 

Driveaway any car you like, go to a pub, shoot in public with any gun of your choice, the list goes on and on. There is a park where all sorts of atrocities can be committed. The police may not arrive in time to stop such atrocities. But you are there willing and ready to step in even at the last minute.

Beautiful streets, grand houses, diversity in unity of everything in this wonderful game, the action is nonstop, the graphics id stunning and the gameplay is nothing but top-notch. Mouthwatering fast-paced action in this game where you can shoot, fight, drive, gain access to places in the city. These features are to mention but a few contents of the above-mentioned game. Totally epic and highly addictive.

Download and have a wonderful time while playing, this game is just 14mb in the installation size, but you can also download part 2 of this game, ‘Go To Street 2’.

Mad city gangster 

Here gangsters, mafia, drug dealers and crime bosses roam the street like they have done nothing wrong and like the rule of the city. Your job now is to stop them and eliminate the threat. You have amazing features in this Best game like GTA that will help you infiltrate and destroy the gang against you.

Time to rule this game, time to take control over your life and do what needs to be done. The graphics are okay, the gameplay is smooth as always and the controls are very easy and simple. You can also customize your game avatar and take some leisure time in the game, play free roam and drive around the city, enjoying the view and planning your attacks.

Featuring multiple camera views and different game modes engage in extreme mafia gangster fights. Shoot up rival gangster thugs, open-world exposure. It’s all about the gangster life, but this time, it’s all simulated. 100 control over every mechanics and feature in this game. This game is indeed worthy as the last game on my list, to be one of the Best Games like GTA for Android


Finally, all the games that I have listed above are worthy of being referred to games like GTA. If you have ever played GTA you will understand what am saying. GTA is one of the most interesting captivating, creative, action-packed, fun-filled games that I personally have ever played. From the graphics to the gameplay, to the controls, whether the game is being played on a console or an Android device.

Since most of us can’t get or afford a game console, where all the above Best games like GTA can be played, Android devices then come into the equation. Most of us have also looked for games like GTA for Android and now have a list of all the Best games like GTA. So, I want to thank you all for viewing and also downloading one or two games from my list. I know you won’t exist on this site without trying one of the games. They are all available on google play store for free, download now and begin the fun.

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