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Top-Tier 10 Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps For Android 2021

Top-Tier 10 Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps For Android 2021


In this article, I will share with you 10 of the best Wifi text messaging Apps for Android.

What does this mean? It means with these apps you will be able to send Text messages, MMS, and even call your friends over a wifi connection.

That’s cool right? I know!

I have taken the time to list 10 of the best wifi text messaging apps for android. They have been tested and trusted.

Just take your time and pick one, it will serve you well.

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List Of Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps For Android

  • Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number

I have been using this particular app for about 2 years now. Text me is by far the best of the best wifi text messaging apps for android. With this app, you can send personalized text messages, MMS, and even make calls over a wifi connection.

This app also lets you make international calls, that’s so cool, After you register, you can get a phone number assigned to you and start making calls as you please.

Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps
  • Signal Offline Messenger

The second darling on my list of best wifi messaging apps for android is Signal offline messenger. If you know how to use this app right, you would love it. With this app, you can establish a peer to peer connection and chat with your friends without having to use a data connection. How cool is that?

You can even send your large files to friends. This app allows you to transfer large files at the rate of 250mbps. Download this wifi text messaging app and thank me later.

Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps
  • TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting +International Call

Here’s another one worthy of note. TalkU free calls is another app that promises a whole lot of fun time. Have you been paying a lot of money to make international calls? TalkU helps you spend less. You can make cheap calls to anyone, anywhere via wifi.

Don’t worry about the quality of the calls, I and my team bought one of their plans and tested this app, the quality of the call was great. No lagging, no breaks. If your phone is one sim enabled, you can use this app to get a second line without having the need for an extra port.

Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps
  • Free phone calls, free texting SMS on free number

You can call the mobile number of any country in over 200 regions and countries using this amazing wifi text messaging app. This app also gives you a second phone number without the need of having an extra port. A lot of apps give U.S phone numbers that are not recognized. But this app gives you a real working U.S phone number that can be used on different platforms.

The best part? All of this works over wifi. You won’t need to spend too much to make international calls. This app has totally got you covered.

  • Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling

Want to go private? Here’s the wifi texting app to use. Private Text messaging promises to make whatever messages of call you make secure. With this app, you can hide texts and calls from prying eyes. The feature I love the most in this app is the ability to recall sent messages.

It also has a private vault where you can hide any kind of files, texts, photos, videos, and other kinds of files. You can make a call to almost any number over wifi.

Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps
  • Wifi calling & international calls app · Recorder

Here’s yet another wifi calling app for android. The extra add-on that you would love about this one is the call recording feature. Yeah, you heard me right. This app doesn’t just make calls, it also has a feature that you can use to record calls while making them.

You might have to spend money to make calls using this app just like any other app, but the rates are cheap and quite affordable if you ask me. You should totally check it out.

  • Talkie – Wi-Fi Calling, Chats, File Sharing

Formerly known as Wi-fi talkie, this app lets you make calls without cellular or internet connection. How cool is that? For this app to work, you need to set up a working wifi connection. You can also transfer files and folders using this app. There’s also a private message feature embedded in the app.

In other to use this app, connect to an already setup wifi, or create your own wireless hotspot from the Talkie App. It’s a fun app to use and totally worthy of being on my list of best wifi text messaging apps for android 2020.

Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps
  • Telegram

With over 500 million downloads, telegram remains one of the best texting apps you could ever use. It’s rival Whatsapp has way more installs but that might change in the nearest future who knows!

There are a lot of features of Telegram to love, like group messaging, channels, direct message, secret messaging, and more. My best feature is the bot feature that can be used to create an amazing AI chatbot.

  • WhatsApp Messenger

Here’s the king of kings. When it comes to the best wifi messaging app for Android, no one does it like WhatsApp messenger, basically, you can text and call any one in any country in the World using the call and text messaging feature embedded in the app.

Whatsapp was not free to use back in the day, but today, Whatsapp is totally free to use. Just download and text and call away.

  • WeChat

The Asians use this app the most. It is also one of the best wifi text messaging for Android. WeChat might not be supported in your country, so you might need to check before downloading it. With this app, you can create custom stickers, send messages to contacts over wifi.

You also have the ability to make video and voice calls over wifi. WeChat also provides the highest level of privacy any messaging app can give. There are a lot of other cool features to enjoy from this app, download, and thank me later.


That’s it guys, we have come to the end of this article on the best WiFi text messaging apps for Android 2020. All the apps listed in this article are free to download. Some of the apps listed might require that you pay a little fee to make international calls and texts to numbers outside your country.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope my list of the most popular wifi text messaging Apps for Android was able to help you.

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