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12 Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android 2021

12 Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android 2021


A whiteboard animation is a great way to present a product or tutorial to people. Withboard videos are quite engaging.

Ever heard of videoscribe?

Videoscribe is by far one of the best whiteboard animation apps for PC. It is not possible to use an app like Videoscribe on Android due to its size, but they are amazing Android whiteboard animation apps that can serve as a substitute/

In this article, I will share with you 12 of the best whiteboard animation apps for Android.

List: Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android 2021

1. LiveBoard: Interactive Whiteboard

This is one of the most interactive whiteboard animation apps for Android that will give you all the interactive styles and equipment you need to give that tutorial.

This whiteboard goes live, so, everything you illustrate will be live and available to anyone you share it with.

You can use this app for your site and make passing information easy, smooth, and entertaining.

Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android

2. Explain Everything Whiteboard

Explain everything Whiteboard is another app worthy of being on my list of best whiteboard animation apps for Android 2021.

With this app, you can easily teach, record videos, import content from Google drive, and more.

So, I can say with all manner of alacrity that this app won’t fail you. It will work perfectly for all your illustrations, another thing to love about this app is the user interface which is simple and easy to navigate.

3. Whiteboard

Download this whiteboard app for android and have no worries. This Whiteboard animation app gives you that real whiteboard animation feel. You can edit, erase, and undo anything on your whiteboard with ease.

This app is easy for anyone to use, even some tender in age could use this app without any stress.

The writing slate is clean and clear, easy to ready anything you draw or write on it.

Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android

4. WhiteBoard

If you decide to click on the download link below and download this app, straight from the google play store, then you will be turning your android device to a scribble-pad.

Isn’t that cool? You can use your android device and explore the possibilities in this whiteboard app for android.

You can draw simple sketches, makes notes in your own handwriting, or import images from your gallery to make a collage of illustrations.

Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android

5. myViewBoard

This is an amazing instructional video whiteboard app, that allow you interact with your viewers, with the help of a good illustrative module.

You will have to create an account for myviewboard, don’t panic, it’s totally free. Once this is done, all the settings and amazing possibilities of the whiteboard video app will be opened to you.

You can import media files or use paint or pen to edit and create your own idea.

6. FlipaClip

This is a standard whiteboard animation app for android, you can change the color of the board and make it blue, pink, yellow and several other colors you wish.

You can also add audio to your drawings, or creative images and make them more engaging and entertaining.

Just stop scrolling and hit that download button and get this app right away.

Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android

7. Doodlify 

This should probably be the best whiteboard animation app for android on google play store, with over 10 thousand downloads, this app has the sweetest and coolest user-interface.

It’s very simple, use the app’s in-built assets to create your perfect whiteboard in a video format, and you can add any music you want to keep your viewers glued to their screens.

Also, share your creations to others and get amazing feedback, as you are now a master creator in whiteboard animation apps.

8. Flexible Whiteboard

The 8th pick on my list of best whiteboard animation apps for Android is this baby. You know many people don’t care to scroll down whenever the come to a page like this, they just pick the first item they see on a list, but today, the ones down are just as amazing, well, if not better than the ones above.

This whiteboard app is indeed flexible, not in ballet, but in creating quality animation, that will help online teachers horn their skills and pass the message they intend to.

This is a multipurpose whiteboard animation app, fully customizable, access to your smartphone’s media library, and many more other assets that make this app easy to use.

Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android

9. Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle

Draw, paint and doodle, those are the three main features that encompass this app, what else are you waiting for, oh! the fact that I didn’t add share? well, there you have it now.

After you have created your outstanding work with this app, you can now share the animation with your friends and others.

Get the work done professionally, with this app and you will thank me later for putting this app on my list.

Best Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android

10. ToonHive

This is a toon whiteboard animation app for a reason. You can create your own instructional materials here, use cartoon-like animations to illustrate what you’re doing.

This app has a voice and music effect. For the voice, you can use your own voice to narrate the tutorials, make animated videos, and share with the people you want.

The cartoon character you’ll use might look hilarious, but trust me it’s very captivating and engaging.

11. StickDraw

Use your hands to draw captivating images, sticks obviously. Personally I’m a huge fan of stick drawing. Ever seen the stick cartoon before, they are hilariously entertaining.

So, using a stick animation for your instructional videos is not a bad idea. Depends on what you have in mind. You can change the background image to something new or just put a drawing you did.

After your with hours of creating and editing God knows what, you can export it as a GIF or in MP4 format.

12. AnimeMaker

Draw simply with just a touch. The developers of this app are trying to make things easy for you and me to use the app to create cool animation videos to the benefit of your website or whatever purpose you desire.

Fill your whiteboard with colors, add your drawings, and erase them if need be. You can even add color to the cartoon creation to make it look more cool and interesting. One of the basic features of creating a good artwork is for it to be interesting.

If it’s cool to you, then it’ll be cool to your viewers. This app is like a flip-book, where you can create whatever you want with amazing flipbook features.


All the whiteboard animation apps for Android 2021 listed above are working and I’m sure you will love them.

We’ve have come to end of this list, have you tried any of the apps above? If yes, which app do you think deserves the ultimate crown? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Thanks for stopping by.

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