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WhatsApp To Share user data with Facebook : How to opt out

WhatsApp To Share user data with Facebook : How to opt out


WhatsApp ad-targeting.

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As we all know WhatsApp is owned by facebook, and as regard to that it has been announced that there is a change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy coupled with some cool modifications like the Whatsapp bold, italic and strikethrough and the trending WhatsApp tag feature.

WhatsApp wants to share specific user data on facebook, so the big question is.

What will WhatsApp share on Facebook?

Once WhatsApp users accept the new terms and conditions that will pop up on their WhatsApp screens, specific user data will be shared with its parent company (facebook) for ad-targeting purposes.

Whatsapp will be sharing some information on facebook like your phone number.

why? This is to ensure that user experience would become better on facebook. When this data is shared on facebook it will give facebook more data to make relevant friend suggestions and also targeted advertising, you’ll only see ads that are relevant to you, other than seeing irrelevant ads from unknown companies that don’t really matter to you.
Note: This doesn’t mean that your phone number will be posted on facebook or sold to people or companies that advertise.
With the end-to-end encryption, your encrypted messages remain private and no one else would be able to read them, not even facebook.

Will I Start Seeing WhatsApp Advertising messages?

Well, If you are afraid of seeing WhatsApp Ads? I really don’t see the possibility of opening WhatsApp on my phone and seeing a WhatsApp Ad. So you shouldn’t be scared because you probably will never see WhatsApp Ads on your WhatsApp Application, Hopefully.


How to opt out of sharing data for facebook ad-targeting

Opting out of this data sharing doesn’t seem to be possible, but users are being offered a partial opt-out option, this opt out is specifically for Facebook ad targeting and product related purposes.
Data will still be shared for other purposes like improving infrastructure and delivery systems, fighting spam, infringement activities and understanding how their services are used, so basically there’s no way to fully opt out, your last resort would be deleting WhatsApp from your phone.
To partially opt out from sharing data for Facebook ad targeting, you can follow these steps:
If you’ve not agreed to the new terms and conditions you can partially opt out before you agree to the new terms by
  • Tapping to read the full terms of service and privacy policy
  • Scrolling to the bottom of document
  • You’ll see a checkbox option, untick before hitting agree.
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If you have already accepted the new terms and conditions without knowing, you can also partially opt out via the settings page in the app.

  • Settings
  • Account
  • Share my account info. (uncheck the box)

This partial opt-out feature doesn’t last forever, it would last for a period of 30 days as said by a WhatsApp spokesperson.

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