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50 Weird WiFi Names That Will Make You Go (What!??)

50 Weird WiFi Names That Will Make You Go (What!??)


Hey there, are you up for some weird WiFi names? I have the weirdest bunch of WiFi names on my list.

Maybe you’re not into the serious type of WiFi naming, or the funny type either, so, I guess my list of weird WiFi names is just for you.

A piece of very important information, do not, I repeat, do not use your personal details in making a weird WiFi name, no matter how cool and weird it sounds.

That mistake will reveal your name, address, birthday, or phone number through your WiFi name. It’s always advisable to keep it short, memorable, to make it easy to remember.

List: Weird WiFi Names

  1. WiFi that kills
  2. Touch WiFi and die.
  3. Scary stories to tell in the LAN.
  4. The haunted WiFi.
  5. Ghost stories from my router.
  6. You ugly router.
  7. Connect my spirit.
  8. I see the internet behind you.
  9. What the router says.
  10. Jingle bells, router’s going to die.
  11. I know you love LANing me.
  12. I’m addicted to your sweet router.
  13. Pour me your router juice.
  14. I ate a LAN worm for breakfast.
  15. That’s a good-looking faeces LAN.
  16. Skull on WiFi.
  17. I hate my WiFi.
  18. I’m going to kill this router.
  19. Step aside you filthy connection.
  20. The evil WiFi is all around us.
  21. Your future is in this router
  22. See my connection with you.
  23. Start from the router to me.
  24. Do whatsoever it takes to LAN up.
  25. I’m on a new router.
  26. spray it on me you dirty router.
  27. Let’s play a game for WiFi.
  28. Take the shot LAN.
  29. You just killed my connection.
  30. Violent WiFi is down.
  31. What I did for WiFi.
  32. Get out of this connection.
  33. The president is now on the router.
  34. Keep it on the D-LAN.
  35. Prove your connection for me.
  36. What makes it LAN.
  37. Me, myself, and LAN.
  38. All hell just LAN lose.
  39. Play the next router.
  40. Surface WiFi.
  41. The game just got my router up.
  42. Marine connection.
  43. That weirdo on the LAN block.
  44. Stars align as I WiFi out.
  45. Bit by WiFi.
  46. I own this LAN.
  47. Stay away from my WiFi.
  48. I’m LANed up.
  49. What else do you LAN.
  50. The end has LAN.
funny wifi names

The list can keep going on and on, full of all the weird WiFi names that you can fathom from your mind.

I believe, you now have an idea of what weird WiFi names is all about, you can choose your own WiFi name from my list, edit it and make it unique.


Weird WiFi names, couldn’t get any weirder than this. If you have some weird names to add, please don’t fail to do so, the aim is to share hillarious WiFi names.

Thanks for Stopping by.

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