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13 Web Browsers For Android In 2021 – Surf Fast

13 Web Browsers For Android In 2021 – Surf Fast

Best Web Browsers For Android

When you browse the Internet on your Android phone, it’s easy to choose the default browser from your phone’s manufacturer or Chrome. No doubt, it may be convenient, but there are a lot of other Web browsers For Android, including some that may be more suitable for you.

Several of the other Web browsers For Android that we have seen here are specially designed to be as light as possible, which makes navigation faster and easier on less powerful phones.

Some of these Web browsers For Android focus on privacy, making sure not to leave a trace once a browsing session ends and blocking tracking cookies that might otherwise allow advertisers to follow you through the web.

So you know, all these mobile Web browsers For Android are free, so download any that you like and give it a spin. They could change the way you surf forever.

 Firefox Focus

The full mobile version of Firefox is an excellent browser unlike many other Web Browsers For Android, it supports extensions), but Firefox Focus is our favourite of Mozilla’s Android offerings.

Focus is relatively new, having only arrived on Android in July 2017, but it’s come a long way since then with new features including search suggestions and Google Safe Browsing, which checks for potential phishing sites.

When you close Firefox Focus, all traces of your browsing history will be deleted, but you can also erase your current session by tapping the trashcan icon that appears in the bottom right when you begin browsing, and if you navigate to a different app, the option to end your browsing session will appear in your phone’s notification area.

 Opera Touch

Like Mozilla, Opera is best known for its hugely customizable desktop browser, which lets you tinker with and tailor virtually every element on the screen, but the organization has also produced some superb mobile Web browsers For Android. Our favorite is the lightweight Opera Touch, which has been carefully designed with one-handed use in mind.

The button that appears at the bottom of the Opera Touch interface is an unusual design features, but makes it easy to access common controls (including refresh, close and search) with a single touch. You can also use this share pages to connected PCs, avoiding the need to email URLs to yourself.

Searching using voice commands is just as easy as typing (just tap the microphone icon that appears and begin speaking.

Opera Touch is also a great choice for the security-conscious Android user, with one-tap ad-blocking and a dedicated tool for protecting your phone from crypto miners.


Dolphin browser for Android is not much popular web browser for android but here I am discussing for this browser because its user-friendly features are great and it works very fine & fast on android device. This web browser is much similar to Google Chrome. I love this web browser because its features are very fine like Brows with a swap, voice search, one tap sharing, extra browsing tools, flash support, mobile + Desktop mode, etc.


Puffin is billed (pun intended) as one of the fastest mobile browsers around, and while it’s hard to say if it’s absolutely the speediest in all circumstances, it certainly feels pretty nippy.

That speed wouldn’t mean much if it meant sacrificing safety, but thankfully that’s not the case. Puffin is also a great browser for protecting your privacy, automatically encrypting all connections, and includes a built-in ad-blocker.

Puffin also gives you an unusual choice of input options, including a virtual controller that makes it easier to enjoy games in the browser, plus a virtual cursor that makes it easier to navigate pages that are wider than your screen (like large spreadsheets, for example).


Flynx is an unusual Android browser. Instead of occupying the entire screen of your phone or tablet, it floats over what you are doing in another application.

It is enormously useful if you use social networks and messaging applications regularly. Every time you touch a link in an application and select ‘Upload with Flynx’, the browser will load it silently in the background. Once done, touch the balloon icon on the right to open it in a floating window. When finished, simply drag the icon down to close it.

Many applications, including Facebook and Pinterest, have their own browsers within the application, but Flynx is more convenient and helps avoid the risk of being distracted by browsing when you have other things to do.

Maxthon web Browser for Android

Maxthon is another best, fastest and smartest web browser for android for both android phone and tablets. Developers claim this is the fast, secure, easy to use and offers very fast downloading speed. It means the android web browser is useful browser for Smartphone users.

Put your favorite sites on speed dial and favorite media on speed dial, Maxton also allows you to create your own touch screen commands to surf with your fingerprints

It support private browsing and let you pick up where you left off, by automatically syncing your tab to different device for a seamless browsing experience.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Browser is probably well known for its browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The extension allows you to learn about data collection companies and block them from tracking your activity as you browse.

Ghostery browser inbuilt all of the tools and functionality into a browser, that you can get the same thing on your android device. It is easy to configure and simple to use, allow you to browse the mobile web with quick load time and exceptional privacy.

 Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the best browser apps with ad blocking feature that provides a comfortable and ad-free browsing experience. If you are looking for a browser application that is fast, light and blocks annoying ads, you should try this one!

The browser is designed for speed and security and does so from the first moment, without the need to enable any configuration or use add-ons or add-ons. By blocking unnecessary ads and scripts, it gives you a fast browsing experience with improved performance in both data and battery consumption.

Via Browser

via browser If you are a fan of minimal design, then you are going to love using Via Browser as it eliminates all the clutter to give you the simplest design with the best features and allows you to focus on what you actually need.

It’s one of the best lightweight browsers for your Smartphone that doesn’t need a lot of memory space to operate, plus it’s capable of saving a ton of data without hampering your browsing experience. You can even customize the homepage according to your preference and you won’t be receiving push notifications from it every now and then.

Google Go

Don’t want to part with Google’s browser, but want a lightweight version at the same time? Then, Google Go is the perfect option for you to use on your Smartphone as it gives you the best features of Chrome, while consuming as little resources as possible.

With this browser, you will be able to surf your favorite websites while saving up to 40% data and it works perfectly well even on lower connections and Smartphone with low memory space. Plus, it can read you the web page and also save your time by making it easy to type in your queries by predicting the trending topics.

Google Chrome

Of course, we give the obligatory nod to the most popular Android browser. Many people have this pre-installed on their devices and opt to just keep using it. That’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

It features syncing with Google Chrome on desktop along with the latest Material Design, unlimited browsing tabs, deeper integration with Android, and plenty of other features for both basic browsing and power users. There are four total Chrome browsers, but this particular verison of the Chrome, of all the Web Browsers For Android In descending order of stability, you have the regular Google Chrome, Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Canary.

Choose at your own risk. Google Chrome almost always has the latest Android features before other browsers as well.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is one of the newest Android browsers. It uses chromium as a base. Therefore, you can recognize many of your visual elements and configuration options. It also loads pages pretty well.

Some of the other features include native ad blocking, a popup blocker, a night mode with a 100% contrast mode for AMOLED displays and cryptography protection. There are also some user interface settings, such as the address bar that is located at the bottom of the application instead of the top.

It also does the usual things. It’s surprisingly nice to use, although we miss the desktop synchronization available in renowned browsers. This is definitely one of the best options.

Naked Browser

Naked Browser may look simple, but it’s no joke. It foregoes many of today’s current features in favor of speed and simplicity. Of course, that means some sacrifices had to be made. However, the developers made those sacrifices with an admirable lack of repentance.

The browser does do the basics, like shortcuts, bookmarks, and history. Thanks to its scaled back nature, sites generally load fairly quickly. Those looking for something flashy won’t get it with this one. The developer is also a little grouchy with user feedback sometimes. Still, it’s one of the better Android browsers.


We have presented you with the above data to explore the options and select your best web browser for Android devices. So come out from your comfort zone and find the best-suited app for browsing for you.

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