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Top 2 Video Editing Apps For Android

Top 2 Video Editing Apps For Android


Top 2 Best Video Editor For Android

good video editing apps android
Here’s one of those posts where I get to tell you about ultimately cool apps. This time I’ll be talking about the best video editor for android. So put your seat belts on because we are going on a long ride.
Ready? Okay, let’s go.
For starters, I’ll tell you a secret, which is, I really love making and editing videos with my android, if you do too? Then you are in luck because I am going to tell you about two good video editing apps for android. Your days of searching for best video editing apps, good video editing software or top video editor for android are over. How? Why? Well because I personally carefully picked the best video editing apps for you.
These Android Apps lets you do a lot of crazy cool edits and modifications to your videos like mute audio, add text, smileys, sound-tracks and so much more, you don’t need to own a PC to edit your videos to your taste. Just your android phone would do. These apps to edits videos can be found on google playstore.

List Of The Best Video Editor For Android

Now this list will fill you in on the two of my best video editing app for android, I would recommend them to anyone, any day. Now the first on my list of good video editing apps is.

Vivavideo: Free Video Editor For Android

This is my best video editor for android phones and tablet users, this application comes with a trailer load of awesome and I am going to tell you all about it, well most of it actually.
  • With vivavideo you can merge clips into one story.
  • You can also make creative videos such as Lip sync, duet singing videos etc.
  • Vivavideo comes with 200+ special effects including animation stickers
  • Tons of themes to choose from.
  • With this video editor for android, you can import your favorite music make a perfect slideshow
  • You can also export your videos from the app to your gallery with no cellular network needed.
  • This video editor for android tablets and phones also lets you share to Instagram, WhatsApp, google +, snapchat, wechat, email and lots more.
  • It doesn’t just edit videos, you can also turn your photos into a movie masterpiece and create a video slideshow.
video editor android
Trust me when i say with this video editor for android your creativity comes alive. You can download the vivavideo app from google playstore here. Now we move on to the last best video editing app for android.

Magisto: Video Editor For Android.

video editor android
This nice editing software for android devices is mostly called “magisto app”. The magisto app is yet another unique video editor for android that gives you amazing tools needed in making or editing your videos, the magisto app automatically turns your videos and even photos into magical music videos, magisto also gives you the opportunity to express your creativity like vivavideo, with so many features attached to it. Now let’s quickly talk about most of the features of this video editor for android.
  • Video collage

Use the wide variety of editing styles to make amazingly outstanding sports videos, selfie video, Instagram video, birthday movies, wedding videos, you can also choose the “foodie video” editing style to turn your foodie photos and videos into food adventure movies.

  • Family video

Transform your wedding videos and photos into elegant wedding movies, magisto also lets you easily turn your baby’s first moments into cute baby movies.

  • Business features

Grow your business with powerful videos with a magisto for business feature that lets you enjoy unlimited HD movies, unique business styles, commercially licensed music and the ability to add to your logo and captions.

  • Revolutionary technology

Magisto app analyzes and combines your best photos and video clips into fun movies, facial recognition detects the most significant people in your photos and videos to create personalized movies that you’ll totally love to share.

video editor android
The applications listed above are for me, the best apps for video editing, I know it can be quite boring searching for good video editing apps, that’s why for your ease I had to post this. There are other cool apps to edit videos, but these two are by far my best video editing apps for android. feel free to comment your experience after downloading any of the video editing apps for android.
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