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Top 7 uTorrent Alternatives 2021 Worth To Be Downloaded

Top 7 uTorrent Alternatives 2021 Worth To Be Downloaded


For years, I have been a big fan of torrent downloads. My favorite tool for sharing and downloading Torrent files has always been uTorrent.

In this short and concise article, I will show you the top 7 uTorrent alternatives.

Why would I want an alternative of uTorrent?

In our tech world today nothing is certain. The uTorrent you use today might fail tomorrow, the best bet in that situation is to have a software like uTorrent that you can use to share and download torrent files.

Ready for my epic list of other apps like uTorrent?

Let’s begin;

List Of Best uTorrent Alternatives 2021

1. BitTorrent (Windows, Mac)

utorrent alternatives

The first on my list of uTorrent alternatives is Bittorrent. If you have always been a fan of Torrent downloads, then you definitely have come across Bittorrent. uTorrent is actually owned by Bittorrent.

Here’s a little history “uTorrent was acquired by Bittorrent on December 7th, 2006.

The difference between uTorrent and Bittorent is very little, while I was reviewing both software, I found that one difference was the logo, both software has different logos and another thing was the color.

After download the free version of BitTorrent, get ready to see a bunch of ads, they aren’t overly annoying, you can easily get rid of the ads on BitTorrent by purchasing the paid version.

Another thing worthy of note is the ability to create torrents with BitTorrent. uTorrent won’t let you create Torrent files.

Basically, BitTorrent is amazing and one of the best alternative of uTorrent.

2. qBittorent (Linux, Mac OS, Windwos)

utorrent alternatives

If you are looking for a simple to use and easy to navigate interface for your torrent needs, qBittorent is perfect for the task. This uTorrent alternative 2021 has been around for a while. Although I haven’t used or tested this alternative of uTorrent, a lot of my friends have recommended it as a uTorrent alternative.

So, I did some research on qBittorent and here is what I found.

  • It can create torrent files.
  • It has a super-seeding option.
  • It supports IPV6.
  • And a lot more.

Another thing worthy of note is it’s ability to support most operating systems. qBittorent works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. qBittorent has other cool features that I haven’t mentioned, You’ll have to find out yourself.

3. BitComet (Windows, Mac OS)

utorrent alternatives

Bitcomet takes the 3rd spot on my list of best uTorrent Alternatives 2021. It has been around since 2003, and trust me when I say it’s amazing. After my cousin hyped BitComet, I had to download and try it out for myself, and boy was I amazed.

The first thing to love about BitComet is its one of a kind user interface. I love the preview option that lets you view the media file before the download is complete. How cool is that?

Another feature worthy of note is the one that allows you to setup remote downloads, with this feature you can setup downloads without having to be with your PC. Now that’s a keeper.

It is powerful and fast, and would make a great substitute to uTorrent.

4. Transmission (Linux, Mac OS, Windows)


This uTorrent alternative 2021 was only available for users of Linux and Mac users back in the day. I didn’t have a Mac or Linux, so, I could not try out this uTorrent alternative.

Now, Windows users can comfortably download and use Transmission on their computers.

Don’t look for a whole lot of menus, you might not be pleased. The user-interface of this Torrent platform is very simple and minimal in terms of design. But, you’ll love it though.

You can download torrent files and also upload torrent files with the help of this amazing platform.

There are a lot of things to say about this uTorrent alternative but I don’t wan to bore you with a lot of tech-gibberish talk.

5. Vuze (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)


Vuze is another pick on my list of other apps like uTorrent. It comes with basic features like Media control, RSS, Plugins, Filters, and more features like you would get on uTorrent.

Vuze has an easy to use interface. If you are a professional user of uTorrent, you would not have issues using Vuze, everything is pretty much straight to the point and easy to use.

If you are using the free version of Vuze, get ready to see ads, I checked it out, the ads are not much, but there are visible, the good thing is, it won’t affect you much while you are trying to upload or download files.

This uTorrent alternative is also a great pick if you are looking for other apps like uTorrent with small size.

6. Deluge (Linux, Windows, Mac OS)


If you are looking for applications like uTorrent, you definitely would need a substitute that can be used to perform basic functions like uTorrent, like; download and upload files. Deluge is one of the worthy substitutes to be on my list of uTorrent alternatives.

Correct me if I am wrong but this is the only BitTorrent client that allows the installation of plugins to increase functionality. You want an extra feature? Download a plugin to use the extra feature.

Another thing to love about this BitTorrent client is that is it lightweight, it is also secure.

The best part? NO ADS! Yeah, this software is completely free and you won’t ever have to worry about Ads.

You should check it out.

7. Tixati (Windows, Linux)


Here is the last but definitely not the least on my list of Top 7 uTorrent alternatives 2021. Tixati is a great alternative to uTorrent. It even has a chat feature that enables users to interact with each other.

I know what you are thinking, “is it encrypted?” It actually is. Whether you are chatting from a group or sending a private message, all the messages you send with Tixati are strongly encrypted.

Tixati won’t show you annoying ads that will disturb while you use the platform.

Lightweight anybody? This BitTorrent client won’t take up much space on your PC. Download Tixati now and I’m sure you’ll thank me later.

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We’ve come to the end of this article on Top 7 uTorrent alternatives 2021. I think the best pick on the list would be Tixati, it is not just highly customizable but lightweight, fast and the developers even went ahead to add a chat feature, with the chat feature you can get along with folks and kill time while your download or upload is taking place.

Thanks for stopping by, if this guide was helpful to you please do us a favor by sharing.

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