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Top Platforms for Students to Take Online Classes

Top Platforms for Students to Take Online Classes


The internet has proven to be one huge university. You can learn anything you want, both formally and informally. Institutions and individuals are offering all manner of courses. People have also realized the convenience of learning online and are embracing the idea. take my online class for me Stop wondering anymore. Get the best homework services online and you can spend your time on more interesting engagements like business, movies, or just resting. 


Thousands of online platforms offer e-learning courses and materials. The choice of one over the other will depend on several factors, including the course you wish to take, cost, and personal preference, among other factors. Here are the top platforms offering online learning classes. 


It is one of the most popular online learning platforms in the world. The platform offers more than 100,000 courses in any area you can imagine. The courses are professionally prepared and structured to make learning alone easier. 

Udemy was founded in 2009 and launched in 2010. It aimed at providing simplified adult learning materials on any subject. Udemy has simplified courses on fitness, music, language, arts, and IT. The content is also available in different major global languages, making it easier to access from around the world. 

Udemy is popular because of the structure of its training. The content is developed with the most amateurish online learner. You have a starter pack for each course, helping you to graduate without needing a physical teacher. Your skills will be as solid as those of the students who learned in the ordinary class. 

Learning content on Udemy comes in multiple formats. Whether you are looking for videos, audio, podcasts, webinars, or PDF materials, you will download the most convenient format. You can preview the class you are interested in to ascertain before paying. If you are dissatisfied, you can request a refund. 

Udemy has some of the most affordable classes despite their quality. From as little as $11 to as much as $200, you can enjoy lifetime access to some of the best courses. Udemy has made personal and professional development easy, convenient, and affordable. 


Skillshare provides classes in the same format you would get in college. However, it is not as formal as university or college learning sessions. Its main aim is to nurture the idea of personal development through creativity. 

Tutors on the platform are experts who are already working. They share their skills and experiences to help persons who wish to develop the same competence. Some of the skills you will learn include photography, interior design, writing, visual arts, and animation. You will also find business and marketing courses on Skillshare.

At the center of the Skillshare idea is to offer a platform where people can learn skills for personal development. It means that learning is not standardized. Each student learns from the experiences of others. 

Skillshare uses a subscription model instead of paying for each course. Paying access to the platform each month will cost $32. Those paying each year get a discount to put the subscription at $14. You can also sample their range of free courses, though they are 20-minutes short and do not go into the depth of a subject. 


Coursera does not just offer learning materials. The lessons are designed in a way that allows you to complete an academic year and full course online. There are real professors such that you will graduate with a globally recognizable degree or diploma. 

Coursera is in partnership with leading colleges and universities to offer formal courses in different disciplines. Companies are also involved to give real-life work experience. There are courses on all the thematic areas you can imagine, helping a lot of students around the world to gain recognized qualifications. The platform also helps professionals to learn the latest in their field, especially through professional training by companies and industry experts. 

Each course comes at an individual price. One course may cost $30 to $40. You are also allowed to purchase a range of courses at a bargain. If you want to subscribe, you pay $399 per year to access unlimited courses. It is the best idea of an online college without stepping into any physical campus. 


Udacity is designed for tech learners. You learn the most marketable courses like coding, digital marketing, and graphics designs without enrolling in any class. The courses are taught by industry experts and updated to give you the best experience. The courses are practical, preparing you for the field without further training. At a $399/month subscription or $597 for the bulk of four months, it is one of the most expensive e-learning platforms. However, it is worth every dollar you spend. 

Online learning platforms offer different learning methodologies and options. If you want to grow your skills, you can learn anywhere. However, industry acceptance should push you to learn from platforms offering structured programs that will lead to certification. 

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