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Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers That Ease The Job

Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers That Ease The Job


A teacher’s reward might be in heaven but his tools are here and made better by extensions.

From arranging other extensions to spell checks, these extensions give the greatest humans a reason and much easier way to do more and better for themselves and the entire planet.

I did some research and I think I’m ready to fill you in on this list of Best Google Chrome extensions for teachers.

Here are 7 of the most productive extensions a teacher should have.

List: Top Chrome Extensions For Teachers


chrome extensions for teachers

As a teacher, thoroughness and efficiency should be your girdle. Grammarly proudly boasts of these two qualities when it comes to spell and grammar checks. It provides word definitions and alternative options in the form of synonyms. The paid version has a plagiarism check (homework, anyone?) and is also genre-specific. 


chrome extensions for teachers

Quizlet is an extension/app that makes simple tools to enable you to study on the go. This is an extension is very useful for both teachers and students alike. As a teacher, you can engage your students by playing Quizlet live, creating your own classroom set and giving your students tools to help them learn in a more fun and efficient way.

Share to Classroom

chrome extensions for teachers

Sometimes it can be hard to keep all your students on the same page at once. This chrome extension for teachers lets you send the same website to all your students and it pops up on their device. Now you don’t have to worry if they’re opening the right website or not.

Read & Write

chrome extensions for teachers

Originally created to help dyslexics and people learning English, this tool helps you multitask by reading out loud to you so you can listen to material on the go. It can help you proofread and double-check your grammar a well.


chrome extensions for teachers

Don’t we all just need a citation machine that makes things easy for us in one click? Well, thank heavens for Easybib which does all that and more by being a toolbar on your chrome browser which helps you cite websites in one click. It also gives you advice on the credibility of the website you’re citing and its website provides guides and resources for you to understand citation formats. Hello, best friend!


chrome extensions for teachers

This article won’t be complete without including LastPass on this list of top Chrome extensions for teachers. With all the world depending on and needing you to save it, you might sometimes fail to remember your own passwords.

LastPass is a password management service that stores all your passwords according to their related sites so you don’t have to worry if you forget them. All you have to do is create a master passphrase and remember it and LastPass handles the rest.


chrome extensions for teachers

We’ve been going on and on about extensions and maybe by now, you’re overwhelmed by all of them. No worries, I saved the best for last. Extensity is an extension that helps you manage all your other extensions. With this extension, you can access your extension settings, organize them by categories and enable or disable them with just one click. This way, everything is tied up in a neat, little bow.


Okay, that’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I loved writing it. I hope you enjoy these Chrome extensions for teachers. I’d love it if you could tell us your experience after using any of these extensions. You could also check out these other articles pertaining to Chrome extensions. 25 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2018 | Jaw Dropping ExtensionsBest Chrome Extensions For Students 2018 | Must Have For Students and Best Chrome Extensions For Downloading Videos 2018 | Handpicked.

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