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7 Top Android Launchers You Should Try in 2021

7 Top Android Launchers You Should Try in 2021


Hi there, Today I will share with you an amazing list of the best android launchers for your android device;

I will begin by answering a simple question,

Why do we use launchers?

There are different reasons why we would want to use launchers;

  1. Some people want to customize their phone menu.
  2. Some want to try out cool themes.
  3. Some want to make their phones inaccessible by other persons.
  4. And there are others that install launchers just for installation sake….  LOL;

Now, we also have different wants when it comes to picking the best launchers for Android devices, What are these wants?

Basically, we check for customization, design, and speed.


Mr, A, might look for the fastest android launcher.

Mr, B, would want best 3d launcher,

Miss, C, Would want an action launcher for android.

Bottom line? People have different needs

But here is the kicker;

I’ll quickly tell you about my list of top android launchers, and I am pretty sure that you will find the right launcher for your Android device.


List: 7 Top Launchers For Android

So who is going to take the top spot?

Well, it is good old;

1, Nova Launcher

top android launchers nova

This hybrid launcher is highly customizable, and I am not bluffing. Nova gives you the opportunity to edit your Android device till you probably get tired of customizing.

This unique launcher replaces your current home screen to one that you can customize to your taste.

This Top Android launcher lets you perform various edits and the free launcher also boasts of features like;

  • Fast: The nova launcher is known to be highly optimized to help you perform specific edits at a crazily outstanding pace. If you have been looking for a fast launcher? Nova is the guy for the business.
  • Colour Controls: You can easily control colors for labels, backgrounds, and folders with Nova.
  • Customize App Drawer: Nova lets you add awesome custom effects to your app drawer which involve horizontal and vertical scrolling.
  • Themes: Download and install custom themes from an archive of thousands of themes.
  • Infinite Scroll: Access tabs/pages from your drawer with ease with the infinite scroll feature.
  • Backup/Restore: Backup and restore your saved design/layout with ease.

This amazing app boasts of so many cool features;

Why not download and see for yourself

2. Google Now  Launcher

This is yet another fantastic launcher, it is loved by people for its simplicity.

The Google now also boasts of cool modification options that will leave your home screen looking sweet and lovely. And guess what? it comes with built-in ‘Google app’ for smooth mobile user experience.

Here is a cool list of what Google Now launcher for android is capable of doing;

  • Fast; This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill, the Google Now is at the top of the chain when it comes to speed.
  • Get the latest information  from Google by simply swiping your to the right on your home screen (Cool right?)
  • Google Now launcher also gives you Quick access to search from every home screen.
  • Remember I earlier mentioned ”Google app” Well, with this feature you can send text messages, play songs and do so much more without using your fingers. But How do you activate? Just say ”Ok Google”
  • Nicely designed A-Z list for your apps and games.

3. Action Launcher 3

top android launchers action launcher

Okay, the 3rd on the list is Action launcher 3;

The Action Launcher is not widely known by Android users but trust me when I say it is worthy to be on this list.

Are you looking for an Android launcher with a unique layout and display? Action launcher is the answer. With cool customization options, you’ll have your phone looking like a hybrid zone.

Cool features of the Action Launcher 3 include;

  • Quick-bar option lets you customize your home screen by adding shortcuts, games, and applications of your choice.
  •  Quick-theme: Customize your home screen with the colors from your wallpaper.
  • Widget drawer.
  • Customized search bar
  • Import settings from other launchers such as Apex, Nova, Google now launcher, And the stock android launcher.

4.  Apex Launcher

top android launchers apex launcher

This is one of the oldest Android launchers of all time, Apex launcher has been around for a while and it has been ”slaying” all the while.

According to the developers of this android launcher; they say it is a launcher that gives your Android device a complete makeover.

Quite compelling don’t you think? Below is a detailed list of what this launcher can do;

  • Super Fast: Yup, it is also fast, and not just fast but super fast, even after customizations.
  • Fancy transition effects.
  • Ability to hide apps from the drawer.
  • Cool home screen gestures (pinch, double tap, swipe up/down).
  • Get cool skins and icon packs.

5. Yahoo Aviate Launcher 

best android launchers yahoo aviate launcher

Looking for a crazy launcher with awesome customizations? Then you just found your missing rib!!!!

Yahoo Aviate launcher is literally a demi-god when it comes to making your device to have a new look, some say the Aviate launcher feels like a personal assistant.

This app also intelligently sorts out the apps you use the most.

So what makes Yahoo Aviate Launcher unique?

  • It is clutter free and quite easy to navigate.
  • It organizes your frequently used apps.
  • Swipe up to see your favorite contacts instead of searching on your contacts list.
  • The Yahoo aviate launcher comes packed with a search box that lets you easily search the web.

That’s not all, this launcher offers more cool features for you.

6. Launcher 8 

best android launchers launcher 8

Here’s a fast launcher that changes your display to that of a windows phone;

The launcher 8 is sleek, unique and quite easy to setup, it’s main aim is to make your phone look like a windows phone.

Though this launcher doesn’t have crazy customizations like the others,

I thought…….. Hey! It’s sleek and should be among the top android launchers.

Launcher 8 also boasts of cool features, and there are;

  • You can customize titles to your taste.
  • It has a nice search bar that gives you easy access to search the web.
  • Fantastic wallpapers to choose from.
  • Create folders with the ability to lock and hide.
  • Nice Lock screen.

And so much more;

7. Next Launcher 3D 

best android launchers next launcher 3d

This Android Launcher is widely known and because of its amazing features, it is worthy of being in our list of top android launchers.

The Next Launcher is said to be the first launcher to apply real 3D visuals;

Cool Right?

This 3D launcher comes packed with 3D scroll effects, 3D icons and so much more, Here is a snippet of what Next launcher 3D has for you;

  • Amazingly outstanding fancy 3D effect with smooth experience
  • 3D Widgets, themes, and icon, all in 3D.
  • Different gestures on your home screen and app drawer.

So there you have it, these 7 top android launchers that will leave your Android device looking like WOW!!!

In terms of speed, design or customizations, these 7 top android launchers will make you happy.

Have you tried any of these Android Launchers before? What are your thoughts about them?

Feel free to drop a comment and also use our share buttons to share this lovely article.

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