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Top 15 Android Apps For Graphic Designers  2021

Top 15 Android Apps For Graphic Designers 2021


Some years back laptops were the only means of creating awesome graphic designs.

Things have changed.

With the aid of some Top Android apps for graphic designers creating amazing graphic designs can be done from almost anywhere on our Android devices.

Well, it’s a nice thing that this era of Android-powered smartphones has brought with it a whole lot of apps.

It’s hardly surprising that there are lots of Top Android apps for designers too!

It’s interesting to know that these cool android graphic designers apps have made it possible for graphic designers to create awesome designs and logos, no matter the environment they see themselves.

In this post, I’ll be listing some android apps for graphic designers.

Let’s ride!

List Of Top Android Apps For Graphic Designers

Graphic designing appAdobe illustrator app is one of the top android apps for graphic designers.

It allows the user to create vector illustrations with ease, not minding where they find themselves.

Luckily it comes with five built-in vector brushes that provide essential help in drawing.

Also, it supports the most recent drawing tools such as Adonit Jot Touch, Adobe Ink, Apple Penci etc.

This app also has a PC version but the android app version can perform all the necessary stuff that the PC version can perform.

Best Android apps for graphic designersWe all believe that creativity all starts with an idea, Autodesk sketchbook is yet another app for graphic designers.

It comes with a full load of 170 customizable tools and a PSD layout.

This app also has blending support. It also has a switchable predictive stroke that transforms your hand-drawn lines and shapes into precise forms.

Top android apps for graphic designersThis app is one of the best when it comes to vector designing.

Luckily this baby has unlimited or should I say infinite layers. It’s able to rotate, edit, and zoom. It also has the ability to create 3d images.

It has a myriad layer option; (a transform tool to translate, scale, rotate, flip, distort, and skew; automatic shape detection)

Top android apps for graphic designersInfinite painter is another application developed to provide a similar feeling experience of the procreate (iOS and desktop graphic design app).

Over 80 brush presets are available. There are photoshop compatible layers and also a blend mode.

You can create 3d images with five perspective view.

It has a transform tool, Pattern tool, Liquify tool, Gradient and Pattern Fill, and you can rotate and flip the infinite canvas with ease.

  • Art Flow

Top android apps for graphic designersArt flow is a user-friendly app, that has a great UI design, and is popularly known by Android users for its great features.

This application was built with an automatic palm rejection (the ability to never mistake your resting hand for your sketching one).

It has a lot of brush and paint tools too.

It’s mainly an application for professionals.

Best Android logo designerPixel lab is one of my favorite apps for logo designing. Pixel Laby gives you access to creating 3D texts and also overlay on them.

This App is also able to edit the image perspective by using the wrap tool.

Do you fancy stickers like I do? Well, this app contains lots of stickers.

Well, I’d like you guys to try this app out,  you won’t ever regret it.

Best Android logo makerLogo maker plus is a very nice logo designer application that enables you to create original logos and designs.

You can create a cover logo of any of your favorite social media.

Fortunately, you can also create an original color gradient which you can be able to use in your logo creation, there’s literally no limit in creativity in this app because of its features.

Colour referenceColour reference is one of the best Android design app that also gives it’s users inspiration to design the more.

With this baby here, you could be able to extract colors from images selected from your gallery.

The app comes with a lot of preset palettes.

Luckily this app allows you to create wallpapers, so imagine when you could create your own wallpaper yourself.

Sounds great right?

Top android apps for graphic designersSketcher is a basic sketching app, with lots of features. It has 12 brushes, color picker, and an eraser. It also has a very nice user interface and a very nice responsive drawing engine.

Sketcher has a Pro version that has lots of other nice features.

Check it out on playstore.

Top android apps for graphic designersAdobe capture is another application used for vector designs. This App can help you transform anything you see into vector designs.

It also uses the Adobe AI tech to recognize shapes and suggest fonts too.

You can also be able to create color palettes from any of your images by selecting colors from them.

With Adobe capture you can create a Creative Cloud account to use backup your creative works.

Top android apps for designersPaperless is another nice app worthy of being on our list of top android apps for graphic designers. It contains up to 3 layers and a nice way to manage transparent parts in images.

With this app, you can access six tools and perform lots of things related to art.

This app isn’t free though.

One of the greatest advantages of this app is that you can share your artworks on Facebook with the aid of the App.

Top Android apps for designersAutoCAD is one of a kind!

You can be able to create new drawings and modify and mark-up drawings. It’s surprising that you can measure accurately and also draw and edit shapes with accuracy using object snap.

AutoCAD comprises advanced drawing and editing tools such as arc, offset and more!

You can be able to select, move, rotate, and scale objects. View coordinates and properties. Lastly, you can easily import measured values from Leica Disto.

MedibangTalk about top android apps for graphic designers without including MediBang paint? I don’t think so.

MediBang is a lightweight free android designer app for digital painting and comic creation. It comes loaded with brushes, fonts, and pre-made backgrounds and other useful resources.

The UI is so nice that you could be able to draw wherever you are. You could also use your picture to draw.

Top android apps for graphic designersBoom!

Textgram is an application that allows you to create beautiful graffiti photos on any text.

This app has lots of nice tools that you can use for creating nice graffiti and design. This app also allows you to write on top of photos and also add stickers and frames on it.

It also has a store called text gram store, in which you can get lots of free and paid backgrounds which you can use.

Top android apps for graphic designersDesyner is said to be the best android apps for graphic designers and one of the easiest android graphic design apps to use.

This app comprises nice and beautiful images that you can use for free without paying a dime.

You can also create a very nice logo with this app. Desyner comes with lots of tools and has a lot of preinstalled customizable modes.


We’ve gotten to the end of our epic list of Top Andoird Apps For Graphic Designers.

I hope you get to try the apps out and pick your best. If we didn’t list any of your favorite Android graphic design apps Kindly let us know by using the comment box.

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