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Top 5 Free Apps for Any Sports Fan


Millennials are becoming unsatisfied with basic TV sports channel coverages. As technology evolves, the newcomer sports fans need more, faster and live news or results from their favorite team, player or sports league. Mobile is one of the fastest ways of obtaining quick and accurate news sources, therefore, lets jump right into the top 5 most useful free sports apps for Android and iOS devices:

  1. FlashScore (Android, iOS: Free)

With well over 10.000.000 download recorded in the Play Store, FlashScore allows you to stay in touch with everything you love about sport from nearly 30 different sports – from soccer to golf, from badminton to horse racing – and more than 5.000 competitions worldwide. Set your notifications as you like, whether a goal is scored, red card issued, set or the period is over, the app offers in-depth coverage of any sport allowing the user for a quick responsive alert as announced during the match. In game statistics like possession, shots, fouls or information like substitutions, team formation and many others can easily be accessed, allowing you to know multiple matches results at the same time and track a more profound game feel on the go.

  1. Bleacher Report (Android, iOS: Free)

Unlike many generalist sports news apps, The Bleacher Report allows for a unique and singular approach on live sports coverages. It lets the user personalize the content, focusing on your favorite team, player, league or sport but also delivers what they believe to be, the most “fire” news output at a distance of a touch. Scores and real-time notifications are also available, but the real business comes from the latest breaking sports news from newspapers, blogs, websites and from Bleacher Report, too. The provided animations often presented are well thought and fun, making for a genius and interactive user experience.

  1. NBA (Android, iOS: Free)

The NBA’s official mobile app provides a wealth of news and customization for basketball fans all season long. Access the live scores, game schedules, team rosters and statistics easily and personalize them as desired. The video recaps are well structured, and the narration allows for a complete game analysis in under 5 minutes or so. According to your country, you can also subscribe to the NBA’s League Pass, with over 1.200 stream games live or on demand, as well as interviews, press conferences and other premium NBA content. Never miss a LeBron James buzzer beater or a Steph Curry’s no look assist with the NBA official app.

  1. LiveScore (Android, iOS: Free)

Similar, to FlashScore but with a darker default theme display, LiveScore provides full access to live scores, as the name indicates, live comments, statistics, line-ups and many other details. Moreover, the combination with short and concise daily news easily presented on the button panel, makes this app a multifunctional sports app. Soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis and cricket are the sports available. Pick the one you want to follow and customize your own feed by favoriting the event you wish to keep track of. For most of the sports fans out there, this is the only app you need if you seek for basic and instant content.

  1. Official Premier League + Fantasy Football (Android, iOS: Free)

Start by choosing your favorite Premier League team for a customized feeling and let the app stun you by how easy you can navigate through the menus and absorb quickly any information. From upcoming fixtures, to a live league table to your team latest news and more recent videos and general news, the app lets you now everything you need to about Premier League football. In addition, the official Premier League Fantasy Football is one of the most iconic football mobile game any fan should play. Set up your fantasy football team from a £100m budget and pick a 15 players squad, transfer them weekly and beat your friends in a custom league table.

Bonus: StubHub (Android, iOS: Free)

The app that lets you look to tickets for a big game, allowing users to safely buy and sell tickets online to games, concerts and events nearby. Users can choose the desired event and view the schedule, seats layout and general information regarding the chose ticket and holder. Beware with from who you approach, as you show always verify if the second party holds any reputation and trust.

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