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Top 15 Best Android Apps For Musicians

Top 15 Best Android Apps For Musicians




best music app for android

Music is basically something that we all love to listen. I know a good number of musicians and I remember one asking me ”Being an App man and all, do you know some cool Android Apps for musicians”.

Well, Yes I do.

It could be tough to choose the best android apps for musicians from the Google play store. So, I’m literally saving you the stress of having to find suitable Apps for your musical needs.

That’s why I’ve tried my best to make a compiled list of apps suitable for musicians.

Let’s ride!


List Of Best Android Apps For Musicians

 Dj Studio 5

Android apps for musicians DJ Studio 5 is one of the most powerful Android apps for musicians.

Users can mix, remix, scratch, loop and pitch mp3s, all by themselves.

DJ Studio 5 has a ton of features, all of which are accessible for free.

There are no ads, no registration, no pop-ups, just one significantly useful DJ instrument for each freshman and pros.

The most interesting part of DJ STUDIO 5  Is that you can also upload your mixes to sound cloud for reviews and ratings, that’s why it’s well rated by users too.



Pro Metronome

Android apps for musiciansPro Metronome is easy to use and has a slick and nice user interface.

The app helps users sync to the beat and regular facial appearance an overabundance of typical timing styles.

In addition, this virtual metronome is even more precise than a mechanical one, as it’s not affected by air resistance or friction, that’s what makes it one of the best android apps for musicians.



Guitar Tuner

Android apps for musiciansNo matter how fancy or nice your ear is, you should always have a tuner on hand to ensure good accuracy.

Guitar Tuner Free is simply one of the best android apps for musicians out there, as its easy to use.

Though this application works with plentiful packed stringed instruments from violins to the ukulele.

There are over 100 tunings available, and since it utilizes the built-in microphone, no cables are needed.



Walk Band

Android apps for musiciansAt first look, walk band could look more like a novelty than a serious track production application.

But stroll Band has a vast variety of digital devices, enabling customers to compose entire songs on the go.

Walk Band allows musicians to and at any place inspiration strikes.



HD Audio Recorder

Android apps for musicians

The excellent part about this apps is to help facilitate the creative procedure you can be wherever.

When composing pieces you will want to report your suggestions, and you’ll need a program that may seize them within the high-quality satisfactory possible.

HD Audio recorder has android contraptions function, stock voice-recording app, it leaves so much to be favored.

HD Audio Recorder allows users to capture audio using 16-bit PCM encoding.

The app is free, and it’s also rated as one of the most high-Android apps for musicians 2018.



RecForge Pro

Android apps for musicians

In case you tried out HD audio recorder and it appears strange, try attempting REC FORGE pro.

RecForge pro is the closest you’ll get to a mobile studio, although you will need to shell out a couple of bucks.

What you’ll get in return is a full-fledged recording expertise with tons of elements and options.

There is a free “Lite” version, but it caps recordings at three minutes and only supports the .wav format.




Android apps for musicians

Here’s another App for musicians.

This utility gives you entry to lyrics for more than one million songs, anything viewed to be heaven-sent to many cover musicians round.





Caustic 3

Android apps for musicians


This app is for critical serious minded musicians. Caustic 3 enable us to create songs from our cell gadgets.

This apps design is encouraged with rack-mount synthesizers, which I say gives it an amazing style. You could decide upon from a large kind of synthesizers and different sounds.

It’s enjoyable and it’s free to make use of.

You will have to pay $9.99 if you need the capability to save or export your initiatives, although.



Clear Tune

Android apps for musicians

Tuning your devices could be a laborious and meticulous system.

This process can be measurably streamlined.

Cleartune is tremendously responsive, with the capability to excellently tune and calibrate instruments in minute increments.

Additionally, the clear tune is a paid app which makes it extra exciting as you get more aspects to rock after making In-app purchases.

Trust me it’s worth making an attempt👌. 



Ultimate Guitar Tabs

This is a useful android app for musicians offers customers on the spot access to virtually one million guitar tabs and chords.

Ultimate  Guitar Tabs can also be important finding out support for newbie guitarists.

It instructs them on how to play riffs and solos via its interactive tabs. As a bonus, this software also includes a metronome and digital guitar tuner.




Android apps for musiciansTempo is the most suitable mobile metronome app. It is used everyday with the aid of performing artists.

Tempo offers you the facets you need without sacrificing usability. It has an appealing and comprehensive single-monitor interface.

It has 12 sounds sets, together with one optimized for live drumming click on tracks, Which makes it one of the excellent android apps for musicians.



Musical Note Pad

Android apps for musicians

Musical note Pad is a a must have app for all musicians, as it is one of the best app for musicians.

It presents you with the capacity to use a contact-display to compose a song in ordinary musical notation.

You can write, save, and load your compositions, but you could play them back audibly (in entire or partly), determining from 128 MIDI devices.



Songwriter's Pad

Android apps for musicians

In case you’ve ever wanted to venture into songwriting, you will agree with that it can be time-consuming.

With Songwriter’s Pad, with its inspiration of generating features and a rhyming dictionary.

Customers can insert chords as they go, the app serves as an all-in-one software for learning the ingenious procedure.



Music Tutor 

Android apps for musicians

Want to know how to sight read? Well, here’s the App you. Music Tutor will be your personal Music tutor. (smiles)

It helps to develop your speed and accuracy in reading sheet music by means of determining track notes in timed sessions.




Epic Tune

Android apps for musicians

I’ve used this App for a thousand times. It can be simply a different useful software every musician will love to have.

There are a lot of tuner Apps on the market, but this easy to use, correct and tremendously versatile.

The tuner is chromatic and might aid tune all forms of instruments including guitars, woodwinds, violins, and pianos.

“If it can sustain a tune the epic tuner can tune it”..



So, there goes our list of amazing Android Apps for Musicians. You might decide to pick one out of all we’ve listed, you can also decide to download All (Just like I did). Whatever may be your decision, you won’t regret installing any of these Apps on your Android device.


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