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Top 12 Best Diet Apps For Android | Get Result In Weeks

Top 12 Best Diet Apps For Android | Get Result In Weeks

diet apps for android

Are you the type who wants to keep track of weight, find the perfect recipe for healthy eating, calculate BMI and BMR?  Then this list of best diet Apps for Android is definitely for you. They’re not your average kind of apps as we took our time to research this niche thoroughly.

Moreover, these apps multi perform. The house various features and numerous options for ease. Let’s move onto the list below.

List Of Best Diet Apps For Android

My Fitness Pal

Okay, who takes the first spot on my list of best diet Apps for Android? It’s My Fitness Pal. This is an all in one app providing health activities and information which can be accessed without an Internet connection.

It features a bodybuilding trainer and workout for varying stages of exercising. To help push you out of the limit is the fitness challenge option as well as exercise instructions for accuracy.

Meal plans are available as this is the basis and structure of any bodybuilding or workout activity(PDF reader required to view the meal plans). Their food database totals into over 5million foods.

It has an in-app community and workout logs to keep track of your workout and bodybuilding progress.

In addition with varying calculator types (BMI, calorie, body fat, one up max) as well as a pedometer to count your steps.

Best of all, it’s 100% free (no payment or hidden charges) and 100% offline.

Diet assistant - Weight loss app

This app has a range of diet plans across nutritional categories. Besides, it has a shopping list of diet plans providing you the ease of acquiring any.

Availability of a dieting community to share information and progress.

To keep track of your weight loss journey there is a weight tracker and BMI (body mass index) calculator.

A distinctive feature about this app is the ease for you to keep a photo album to record your progress.

For easy accessibility the app allows home screen widget.

Some options and features require subscription (182.54 naira per item)

Diet Point - Weight Loss Coach

One of the best dieting app out there. Their slogan is (some willpower+ Diet Point = Success)

This app is packed with 130+ diet plans.

They give you weight loss feedbacks and estimates for each day with 500+ tips to improve your weight loss plan.

Meal reminder notifications is a unique feature which reminds you when it’s time for your next meal.

The app also has a BMI calculator.

Free version users get access to 25+ meal plan, 130+ meal plans once you upgrade to the paid version.

My Diet Coach Pro

This app helps you stay on track with their user-friendly data planner, meal and exercise journal, calorie counter and their numerous challenges.

BMI and BMR are the dominant in-app calculators present aside from the calorie calculator for hundreds of types of exercise and thousands of foods.

Besides, you also get virtual awards for progressing in your diet plan.

It most unique feature is the “food craving panic button” to curb next food craving.

There are dieting tips, motivational photo aids and you can record and view weight loss progress.

It’s not a free app though.

My Plate Calorie

This is an app by Live strong. It has a record-breaking database of over 2 million meals. It comes with a handy barcode to find and track food easily. You can create custom food and meals, personalize daily calorie, personalize daily nutritional intake of proteins, fats, carbs, fiber and many more.

24/7 community support from in-app dieting community. Set mealtime reminder option and also integrate the Google fit app to automatically track daily walking, running and biking.

You can sync with calorie tracker via livingstrong.com

Upgrade to gold membership with 3 price tiers and period (1 month for 9.99 dollars, 6 months for 29.99 dollars or 1 year for 44.99 dollars)

Gold Membership benefits includes:

– Advanced statistics, including daily averages, trends and more

– Exclusive access to the private Gold Members board in the community

– Our Clean Eating Guide, including 21 recipes and tips for eating clean

– A special Gold member badge in the community

– Priority support from our customer support team

Calorie Counter by Fat Secrets

This is an easy to use food diary to plan and keep track of what you consume. It features a wonderful dieting community.

One of its unique features is the image recognition of foods using your device camera.

Google fit, Samsung health, and fitbit are integrated into the app.

Availability of a diet calendar to see calories burned and consumed and also a weight tracker.

Photo albums with #photodiet #instacalorie #foodsnap

You can share and interact with an in-app professional.

To log in you need a Facebook or google account.


This app is designed to work with Fitbit activities tracker and smart scales. It is a good app for eating better, managing weight and sleeping better.


• You can sync your Alta, Alta HR, Blaze, Flex, Flex 2, Charge, Charge 2, Charge HR, Aria One or zip tracker with android device.

• Tracking daily goals and progress on steps, distance and calories burned and more.

• Use GPS to track your runs, walks and hikes

• Log activities like yoga and workouts

• Log food to see how many calories you consume each day.

• With the daily/week challenge you can compete with friends and check stats

• All day heart beat tracking with fitbit surge and charge hr.


This app has a simple interface. To get started just input your profile details with your goal weight and they calculate the daily calorie suitable for you.

Afterwards as member you can easily track weight, food as well as calorie intake.


•             Barcode Scanner for all food labels.

•             Snap It, a feature of the app allows you to keep logs of your food by taking a photo of it

•             Track Macro nutrients, Sleep Cycles, and more.

•             Their fitness sections syncs to Fitbit, Misfit, Google Fit, Healthkit, and more.

•             Biggest Food Library Database with 27+ million foods in their library

•             Challenges gives you a chance to compete with fun exercise games and calorie tracking with friends.

•             Meal Planning & Targets

•             Use available themes to personalize the look of your Lose it app

•             Recipes to help you customize your choice of food

•             EmbodyDNA by Lose It! gives you DNA-based insights to help you learn which foods, drinks, and exercises could activate your weight loss and optimize your journey.

•             They also have a community for their members


Lose It! is free, but you can upgrade to Premium service for just $39.99 yearly to unlock more features.

Drink Water Reminder

This is a water tracker which reminds you when and how much water to drink throughout a day. They have customized cup and standard (oz) or metric (mi) units.


• Set up your start and end time to drink water each day.

• Graphs and logs of your schedule

• Sync weight data with Google fit

• Sync weight data and drink water data with S health

• You can easily log in through gmail

• Back up and restore drinking data

Weight Loss Tracker, BMI

This app is ideal for weight loss and perfect timing. It provides you with frequent data of the progress and changes made in your body.

Their weight diary is a good choice for you on typical diets.

It offers a professional BMI calculator and charts on your progress.

Healthy Food Diet Plan

This is a diet app with a diet diary on losing weight, eating healthy and daily food plan.


•           7days diet plan

•           7 days vegetarian diet plan

•           Loosing tummy fats within 10 days

•           Best detox to lose weight in a short time

•           Friendly food for proper dieting

•           Calculating of BMI

•           Calculating of body fats

•           Calculating of calories

• Calculating of waist and hips ratio

•  Tracks your diet to limit health related issues like diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, cholesterol, and hypertension.

•  Connecting with Yoga instructors, nutrionists and dieticians

•  Also has lifestyle tracker

•  New contents available on your app feed daily

Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan

The last but definitely not the least App on my list of best diet Apps for Android is “Best Boiled Egg diet plan”.This app contains a list of benefits about Eggs consumption. It offers various ingredients to complement with your eggs.

Eggs are healthy food which contains lots of nutrients, high-protein, good fats, minerals, and vitamins. Eggs as well provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients for our body.

This dieting type has simple rules. You must not eat junk foods or snacks and sweets. Limit the salt and sugar consumption and avoid alcohol.

It features a 7day meal plan and the kind of snacks to eat between meals.

There are various ways to prepare different types of boiled eggs and fruits to prepare along with it. It offers articles on the benefits of an egg.

The app can be viewed offline as well.


We’ve taken you through a journey with some of the most amazing diet apps for Android to help you on your course of weight loss and healthy eating. Choose the App that identifies with your need. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time, I remain your favorite Apps and Games Guy.

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