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Tiktok Addiction? How To Setup Screen Time Management

Tiktok Addiction? How To Setup Screen Time Management


Tiktok addiction is quite a compelling issue, that is why there is a feature on this app that allows put a check on how long you can spend on the Tiktok app, it is called the screen time management feature.

In this short guide, I will show you an ideal way to kill TikTok addiction.

Screen Time Management: How It Works!

Screen time management helps you to know how much time you have spent using the Tiktok app.

Basically, this feature helps control how much time you spend on Tik Tok.

On setup, you will be required to set a time limit and then enter a passcode.

After the set time elapses, you will be locked out of TikTok and will need to enter a passcode to regain access.

How To Turn On Screen Time Management On Tik Tok

Here is how to turn on screen time management on Tiktok app, this will possibly help with Tik Tok addiction.

Let’s go!

1. Open Tiktok app.

2. Tap on your profile icon, at the bottom right corner.

tiktok addiction

3. Tap on 3 vertical dots menu icon, at the top right corner.

tiktok addiction

4. Tap on Digital Wellbeing.

tiktok digital wellbeing

5. Tap on Screen Time Management.

tiktok screen time management

6. Tap on Time Limit, select your preferred time, and set your passcode, confirm the code and proceed.

tiktok screen time management

7. Voila! your screen time management is turned on.

tiktok digital wellbeing

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What is screen time management on TikTok?

This is a programmed feature that helps you access real-time details of how much time you spend on the Tiktok app, it lets you set a time limit to reduce your time on the Tiktok app as well.

How do I increase the time limit on a TikTok?

First, you can increase your Tiktok time limit via screen time management settings.

Open the Tiktok app > Tap on your Profile icon, at the bottom left corner > Tap on the 3 dots menu icon, at the top right corner > Tap on Digital Wellbeing > Tap on Screen Time Management > Tap on Time Limit > In the next pop-up screen, you will see the different time variations. If the time was set at 20 minutes, then you can increase it to either 60 or 120 minutes as you would prefer.

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TikTok Addiction is something a lot of people are fighting with, like it or not, staring at your phone or computer for too long can have a negative impact on your eyes.

Use the digital wellbeing feature in the TikTok app to set a limit to your viewing time on TikTok.

Thanks for stopping by, share this article to your friends that are struggling with TikTok Addiction.

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