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The Guide You Need To Read On How To Make Your App

The Guide You Need To Read On How To Make Your App


According to studies done by GSMA, there are 8.8 billion mobile phones. Did you know that’s more than the current human population, which is 7.92 as given by the UN? In short,  this means that there are people who own more than one phones. So, what are they doing on their devices? Adults spend an average of three hours on the phone. If they are not texting or calling, they are using mobile applications. 

Apps have been tailored to make life a bit easier because you can listen to music, order takeout, request a ride, and connect to social media. As an entrepreneur, it’s why you may want to look at developing your own app now too. You will be reaching out to millions of users easily, and 

Make no mistakes – apps will be popular as long as we have smartphones. It doesn’t matter whether you need your app for your business or want to create an app to start your business – like Uber- you know you need one.  If you are looking to stay at the top of your brand and grow yourself, a mobile app is what you need. Here is a simple guide on how to make your app. 

#1.Have an idea.

Coming up with an idea is vital because it will give you direction on what you need. You might be thinking about creating a game app, cooking app, or a music app; there are so many ideas to pick. You have had to design an app that is based on your interests. It should be neat enough to meet the objectives of your target audience. 

#2. Research your market.

There are thousands of apps out there. The chances are that you will design an app already exists. This means that there is competition in the niche which you be focusing on. Therefore you don’t have to be scared of the market competition. You can research your competition by identifying their strengths and weakness. For instance, you can read the reviews from customers, and this will help you pinpoint how you can make your app better.  

#3. Determine what your app solves. 

If your app is built to solve problems, then you need to pinpoint which issues it addresses. You can have a sit down with some of your customers and listen to their needs. Also, you can learn from your target audience what features they would like in the app.

#4. Design the app’s wireframe?.

A wireframe can be defined as the blueprint of the app. It will give you a map of how your app looks like and the core functions. When you are designing your app, the wireframe will be vital since it will guide and act as a point of reference. Several wireframe tools which can  help you out include;

  1. Fluid.
  2. JustinUI
  3. UXPin
  4. InVision
  5. Balsamiq

#5. Build the app

If you are a graphic artist, then you can easily design your app. However, if not, then you have two options; hire a freelancer or hire an agency. A freelancer has the skills to turn your app into a reality. Moreover, if you work closely with them, then it can be the go-to app which people will love. On the other hand, if your app is a bit complex, then an agency is the best choice. It might be a bit expensive, but they will ensure every core feature of your app has adhered from the first step to the last one. 

#6. Trying out the design.

It is crucial that before you launch your app, you first test the mockup design. Trying it out will help you identify the issues of the code before it reaches your target audience. You can have a group of participants who can test it out. Then you can determine its strengths and weaknesses before you move to the development stage.

#7. Developing the app. 

If the mockup design passes, then, your freelancer or agency can develop the app.

#8. Launch the app

You can launch your app on the Google Play store or the Apple Store. However, for the latter, they will need to review it. Then you can market it.

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