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12 Sports Streaming Apps For Android 2021 | Livestream (Updated)

12 Sports Streaming Apps For Android 2021 | Livestream (Updated)

Sports Streaming Apps For Android an amazing topic any sports geek would love.
If you have ever gotten tired of opening web pages to search for the latest sports news and activities, this article is about to make things easier for you.
You can access any sports news and activity by just a click on an app that will take you straight to the platform where you can get all the spot news and activities you need, wherever and whenever you need.
This article is to educate and broaden your scope of sport streaming apps.
Most of you there really didn’t know that there are apps that can be used to check sports videos and activities online. This article will also help you use the sports streaming apps and help you understand the feature of the apps and how they operate.

So for sports geeks out there don’t fail to download one or more football streaming apps before the conclusion of this article.

List Of Sports Streaming Apps for Android

CBS Sports

This is a very popular sports app, available on both Android and IOS devices and totally free. This app offers you the opportunity to enjoy live streaming video highlights for every match, update you with the latest scores as fast as possible and allows you to follow every game back to back.

Once the app is installed on your android device and you might have created an account or sign up to the app, you can then progress to choosing your sports club and save as your favorite. you will start getting notifications almost immediately about the statistics of your team, their lineups and scores.

A really cool feature of this apps is that it lets you on one screen, follow the minimum of 8 ongoing games and also you can change the visual representation of the app using a custom navigation system.

Don’t forget to rate your favorite sports team, there will be a link created in the app for you to do so.


This football streaming app is one of the most widely used apps on android and ios devices around the world. It gives you instant access to virtually all the sport news details around the world.

It allows you to visit other sports other than football, ranging from basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis and so on.
Advance features of the app have made it possible for users to use an interactive interface in the app to interact with sports lovers all over the world and work completely regardless of poor internet connection in most countries.
I know users will like this one, it consumes less data but still guaranteeing you a fast response to all of your searches. Now for those installing this app with an Android device, you should be sure to confirm your android version, it must be an Android OS 2.0.1 and above.


For beginners, next, on my list of free sport streaming apps for Android, I’ll suggest you install this particular app, it’s user-friendly and easy to use, to get instant live sports streams from any sports club match. And it also has an interface for live commentary, online chats, and group chats as well.

This app also has features that will help you stay in touch with highlights from any match that you may not be watching live at that time, and keep you in touch with the highlights of any match you might have missed.
Notifications of the app are spontaneous, every detail about an upcoming match will immediately be sent to you whether you are currently in the app or working on something else. This app streams all sports, but mostly football, tennis, basketball, and a few others.
LaLiga TV

This app lets you watch live sports on android for free and gives you access to both women and men’s soccer matches and also keep you updated on LaLiga games and also unlimited access to premium seasons of all their matches.

This app has a watch video later feature that lets you stream and watch some amazing videos anytime you, please. The download file of this app is not large so it needs less phone memory space on the Android device. It’s totally compatible with any android device and other operating systems.


This app allows sports fanatics to access live sports streaming to run smoothly without any hurdle.

The exciting features of this app make this app one of the best sports apps globally, it helps you chat with friends, with a chat interface and also post interesting live videos for your friends to view and follow your preferred sports club. You have access to worldwide coverage of any popular live sporting event at that time.

As the name implies, live streaming is made easy by just a click. Easy searching and easily accessible through widgets in your Android device’s home screen.

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Watch ESPN

This particular version of ESPN is an updated version, with updates that run better than the previous version. You have access to clips from all sports centers around the world, breaking news tweets and post a limitless in-flow of sports blogs.

 It isn’t large in installation size, no annoying ads and lots of links of sports updates and live streaming.

365 Scores

Here’s one of the most popular sports watching app on google play store and other outlets.

Everything you need from sports news to live streaming on your android devices, this app makes it easy. when it comes to basketball, tennis, soccer, football and various news highlights, there are tons of contents available for you.

Now all these amazing contents are available on a unique platform, a user-friendly platform created to make streaming easy for you.

Sports Stream HD

This sports app offers a lot of access to a lot of sports out there, football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, boxing, tennis, baseball, ice hockey, just to name a few. With the increasing activities in the sports world today, this app will just keep your android device busy, and alert of any latest sports news.

Like most apps that require the installation of another app for the app itself to work, this app does not need such an extra app or file to work, and it is totally free.

   With this app, you can never miss any game ever again. So if you are engaged in a meeting, you can come back to the app when your through and stream the whole thing and watch what went down.

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Free Sports TV

This is a uniquely created app for the purpose of satisfying lovers of sport and their desire to watch and stream live sports videos, ranging from football to all other sports they may be interested in.

Free Sports TV offers attractive live channels to watch all your favorite sports for free, offering over 100 live TV channels cutting across all sports.

It has unique features for all kinds of viewers, with nothing but the most popular and recent highlight news on the sports world today. If you are looking for a free, easily accessible sports app with less installation size, try Free Sports TV. With this app, you can never miss a thing. No matter where you are, this app keeps you notified of all sports progress worldwide.

All Football

All Football online sport streaming TV app has a bulky database with the ability to save a large number of videos.

All Football TV sports app is commonly used for online video streaming purposes, with the mechanics to easily search for any of your favorite sports videos on the internet. This app can work on any Android device, iPhone, and Windows operating systems.

In this app, you can activate amazing features like bookmarks. With bookmarking, you can bookmark or save any of your favorite sports videos to watch at a later date whenever you wish. Personally, I would like to apologize for bringing this app now at this point, it totally deserves to be number one on my list of sport streaming apps for Android.

With an amazing fast notification update of the latest news and videos. This app is rated in the top 10 of the most downloaded sports streaming apps in up to 30 countries, worldwide. So believe it when I say the app is 100% legit.


I am personally in love with this app. It provides you with all detailed information about your favorite team and brings pop-ups of information on that favorite team as the match advances.

You can bookmark future matches that will be played the next day and pop-ups will come up to keep you informed once the day and time of the match draws near.

This amazing app allows you the opportunity to access 30 various types of sports and 5000 competitions as well. Easy access to all leagues of different sports is available at your fingertips with this app.

This app has an extremely interactive software feature for all my fellow sports lovers out there, providing fulfilling sports content with support to all popular sports games through my Sports Streaming Apps For Android.

This special sports app has the capacity to mark and bookmark favorite sports videos and contents easily. You can also not only stream and high definition videos but play audio as well, with synchronization. Notifications will always keep you up to the date of all sports activities in the world as you access live games.


Above you have the esteemed list of sport streaming apps that are guaranteed to offer you everything you need to know about the latest on sports activities globally, and many more features that help keep you up to speed on everything sport worldwide, so you never have to miss a thing.

I hope you have found the right app that meets your specification, I have taken real-time to deliver all this sport streaming apps for Android to you. So as long as you follow the setup instructions that all most all the above apps mentioned will have, you’ll be just fine.

Finally, thank you for sticking around and taking time to look for what suits you, you can be assured of the best apps that google play store has to offer.

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