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[Solution] How To Change Default Account Google Chrome 110%

[Solution] How To Change Default Account Google Chrome 110%


In a few steps, I will show you how to change default account google chrome.

If you have ever been faced with this challenge, I am pleased to inform you that I have a solution.

The steps are really easy to follow and it works like a charm. If you have many Google accounts, it is very possible to switch from one to another.

The only down side to this is that, you might need to sign out all your accounts to change default account Google chrome. That can be a problem, especially for people that have over 10 accounts logged in.

Let’s dive into the steps part;

How To Change Default Account Google Chrome

For now, there is only one known method on how to change default account Google Chrome. If another method comes up, I’ll let you know.

Here goes;

  1. Go to the Google accounts page, click on the photo icon at the top right and then sign out of your current account. Do this for all your accounts.
How To Change Default Account Google Chrome

2. Now, log in with a new Google account or another existing account. Note that the first account you add will automatically be your default account.

How To Change Default Account Google Chrome

4. Finish all the verification steps for that new account and your new account should appear as the new default account.

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How do I change my primary Google account?

First, sign out from your current Google account(s) > Open a new browser tab and log in the account you want to be the default account > log in to your other accounts > and it will automatically become the default google account on chrome.

How do I change the default Google account on my Android?

Go to your Google Chrome app on android > tap on the three-dot menu option at the top right > got to settings > tap on your current google account > tap on sign out and turn off sync > then add your new account, and input your new google account details and proceed > when that is complete your new signed-in account will be the new default account.


That’s it, folks. How to change default account Google chrome. All done in 4 easy steps. The only method that you can use to change default Google account is the one I listed above. With this method you can change default google account for Gmail, Youtube and more.

Like I said earlier, the only downside to these steps is the fact that you will need to sign out of all logged in accounts to make way for the new default account.

Make sure you have the password of all your other accounts before signing out.

If you encounter any difficulty in getting these steps to work, let me know in the comment section, but I can assure you they work.

Thanks for stopping by.

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