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Solution! How Do You DM Someone On Tik Tok?

Solution! How Do You DM Someone On Tik Tok?


Someone once asked me, how do you dm someone on tik tok?

The answer is rather simple and with just a few steps you’d be sending direct messages on tik tok like a boss.

What is a DM?

DM means direct message, this kind of message is directed to a specific person on your contact list, well, in this case, your Tik Tok contact list.

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How Do You Dm Someone On Tik Tok?

There are a couple of ways this can be done, I have seen a lot of methods that are rather confusing, so, I’m going to try and make this as simple and concise as ever.

How do you DM someone on tik tok?

  1. Open the tik tok app.

2. Tap on your “Me” profile icon at the bottom right corner.

How Do You DM Someone On Tik Tok?

3. Tap on the three-dots menu option at the top right.

How Do You DM Someone On Tik Tok?

4. Select the privacy and safety option.

How Do You DM Someone On Tik Tok?

5. Scroll down and tap on who can send you direct messages.

How Do You DM Someone On Tik Tok?

6. Select friends, and go back to your profile screen.

7. Tap on the add a friend icon at the top left corner.

8. On the next page, you can either search for a friend, invite a friend, find contacts, or find Facebook friends, and add tap follow and add them to your friend list.

9. Go back to the tik tok home page where you have all the videos.

10. Tap on Inbox, at the bottom, next to the ‘+’ icon.

11. Tap on the direct message icon, at the top right corner.

12. You might not see any friends on the list just yet. Simply tap on the + icon at the top right corner, and select any friend from your list that you had invited and followed, and send him/her a message.

That is how it works. If you access your inbox before adding any friend, you might not see any friend available for you to DM unless you search for them from the search box.

You have to first find a friend and follow them before you can add them to your inbox and chat with them.

I hope this has answered your question on how do you DM someone on TikTok.

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Can you message people on Tik Tok?

On the tik tok home screen, go to the ‘me’ option below > got to add a friend icon and add a friend, and also follow that friend > then exit back to the home page and go to inbox > then to the direct message icon at the top right > go to add a friend icon option and select the friends you added to your list and send them a message.

How do I empty my Tik Tok inbox?

Simple steps, go to your inbox, you can access that by tapping on the inbox icon at the bottom > tap on the direct message icon at the top right > go to the chat you want to empty > tap and hold on the messages you want to delete and an options tab will pop up, and you can delete your messages from there.


In 12 simple and precise steps, I was able to explain and guide you on how to send direct messages on tik tok. It’s really easy, and you can help a friend who still has questions like how do I dm some on tik tok and show them how It’s done.

Thanks for your time and patience.

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