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10 Best Smart TV Browsers You Should Be Using In 2021

10 Best Smart TV Browsers You Should Be Using In 2021


TVs might not sport the same hard drives or RAM that a desktop does, but they are still relatively powerful machines. The truth is, you don’t necessarily need a laptop or desktop anymore when you want to browse the web.

There are no limits for today’s smart TVs. They can do almost everything, and this includes browsing the Internet. Since most of you like to go online, you should definitely choose a fast browser that can load pages fast and be secure. This is why we made this list of the 10 best smart TV browsers right now.

This guide will give you an overview of the best smart TV browsers that are available to operate on your smart TV. When shopping for a new TV, it is important to get one that has the ability to use a browser.

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1. Google Chrome – Top Smart TV Browsers

Smart TV Browsers

You may already know that Google Chrome is the best browser for computers. But how about smart TV?

The best smart tv browsers are ones that are easy to navigate, run smoothly, and provide the best viewing experience for your smart tv. And if you’re new to smart tv worlds, you may be wondering which smart tv browsers to use.

When it comes to accessing the web, Google Chrome is one of the best Smart TV browsers you can have. It doesn’t require a download like some of its other competitors do, making it a lot more convenient. Chrome is also relatively easy to use – so don’t worry if your grandchildren want to surf the web for you!

When I look for a new Smart TV, I try to find one that has Google Chrome. Not only does this give me a great way to quickly watch Netflix or YouTube but it also has many other great benefits.

Google Chrome is one of the best options for viewing websites on your television. As the most popular browser in the world, several manufacturers have chosen to include it as part of their smart TV packages, and it is preferred by users of all types: its update process is smoother than Firefox, it works with most TV and streaming devices streaming services, and it just looks better on a big screen.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Smart TV Browsers

The best smart TVs browsers are the ones that allow the user to customize their device. Mozilla Firefox free download is one of such browsers, which allows the user to customize their smart tv with various plugins and add-ons. Mozilla Firefox is compatible with all platforms and provides a more interactive interface. It is overly worthy of being on our list of best smart tv browsers.

Mozilla Firefox has come a long way since it was just a browser. These days, it’s developed into a multipurpose app that enhances the smart tv experience as you surf the internet.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the useful features that make this browser so unique among others out there. You won’t believe how great you can truly make your smart tv interface!

  1. It has private browsing.
  2. It can store your passwords.
  3. It has a search bar that works perfectly well.
  4. It has a snap feature that lets you take screenshots.
  5. Lots of add-ons to choose.

3. Puffin Browser – Smart TV Browsers

Smart TV Browsers

Meet Puffin Browser! There are various TV browsers we can use on our favorite Android tv boxes, and they all have their benefits. Some of the best smart TV browsers to use are getting as much recognition as their competitors, so the battle to be the best is on! What features do some of these smart TV browsers have that others don’t?

Puffin browser is packed with a whole lot of cool features, the first has to be the amazingly outstanding interface which is completely different from the regular and cliche Chrome and Firefox. Puffin Browser is an app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets designed for browsing the internet. It has some cool features that make surfing the web on a TV a unique experience.

Puffin Browser has a special app made for smart TVs only. With this smart TV browser, you can surf the internet, listen to music, download files at super high speed, and more. It is indeed one of the best smart tv browsers out there.

4. Opera Web Browser

Smart TV Browsers

Meet Opera Web Browser. Your choice of smart tv browser is very important. You need a web browser that can do more than just allow you to browse the web, such as sending you “push notifications” while you’re browsing, playing videos from your favorite streaming sites, and even letting you chat while browsing.

Opera Web Browser has been around for a while on Android, iOS, and other platforms. if privacy is important to you then we would definitely suggest the Opera browser because it has features no other internet browsers have. It’s one of the best smart TV browsers with more than 10 languages and a possibility to download from the browser, open multiple tabs, and much more.

Smart tvs are all the rage nowadays, but what browser should you use on them. Well, if you ask me, whatever browser lets you chat with your friends while watching something is the right one. And in this case, that would be Opera. Opera is available on a lot of platforms and has tons of features for both browsing and chatting. I would definitely recommend this browser as one of the best smart tv browsers out there.

5. Samsung Internet Browser

Smart TV Browsers

Samsung has long been a leader in the world of smart TVs, and now you can take advantage of their internet browser with your smart TV. You can now use the S Internet browser to control the browsing experience on your smart TV, browse the web and protect your privacy by taking advantage of Samsung’s new Smart View feature.

Samsung Internet is built from Chromium so it supports the latest web technologies to give you the best browsing experience! The Samsung Internet browser is an amazing alternative to the lackluster web browser pre-installed in most Smart TV.

This web browser will change the way you use your Smart TV forever. This app offers more than just standard internet browsing. It has a built-in ad blocker, content blocker, and various other features that make browsing the internet on the big screen a much better experience. And it’s faster than the default internet browsers installed in most smart TVs.

Samsung Internet is the best browser for smart TV users, as the company has done a lot to protect your data. There is no need to worry that someone will find and watch all your private footage on such a device. In fact, Samsung Internet is one of the few browsers that offer content filtering and security services.

6. Microsoft Edge – Smart Tv Browsers

Smart TV Browsers

Microsoft’s browser works really well on my Samsung Smart TV, but the default settings are a bit too conservative for a TV user. For example, the default settings for the SmartScreen filter prevents the TV from displaying potentially harmful websites, and this is great if you’re in the middle of a movie, but if you’re just browsing around, you may not want the TV to block content that’s safe. It is indeed one of the best smart tv browsers out there.

Some cool Features include Keeping your browsing safe- Save passwords and forms from many sites so you never have to enter them again, SmartScreen filter helps warn you before phishing or malicious sites trying to steal your info, and Stronger security- Protects against malware and phishing scams.

Online shopping is a fun and easy way to purchase items that you need without even leaving your home. But it can also come with frustrations, especially when you get an item that doesn’t quite match your taste or needs. If you shop online frequently, then chances are that you have experienced this problem before.

How often have you found yourself going back and forth in your search for the best deal? Or how many times do you forget about a coupon code that you read on another site months ago? If you find yourself experiencing these problems, then we’ve got great news for you! Microsoft Edge has just the features to help make online shopping fun again.

7. DuckDuck Go Browser

Smart TV Browsers

DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doesn’t track you. That’s what we like to say about ourselves, anyway. But it’s not just a campaign slogan or some sort of legal maneuvering; it’s verifiable fact. If you are keen on privacy while browsing, you should consider installing duckduck go on your smart tv. It is one of the best smart tv browsers available for download.

The Internet has turned us into a society that is hyper-connected. This means that there are more ways to be tracked than ever before. Don’t worry. The Duckduckgo browser is here to protect you. The Duckduckgo browser is a new browser that doesn’t store your personal data. It’s a browser that doesn’t track you. It’s a browser that doesn’t spy on you.

Besides offering optimal privacy, this browser also has cool features that make the surfing experience worth your while. Download now and thank me later.

8. Amazon Silk Browser

Smart TV Browsers

This web browser puts the power of the web in your hands, wherever you want to reach it from. Use this Amazon silk browser to enjoy your favorite websites right from your TV—there is no computer, tablet or phone required. Simply press the voice search button on your Amazon Fire TV remote and enter your queries to find exactly what you need. Browse websites directly from the app, or use the bookmark feature to open sites later on your other devices like a tablet or phone.

With an Amazon Web browser, you can easily go to your favorite websites to watch videos, view lives events, socialize and shop. This Amazon silk browser allows you to control videos and music with Alexa or your Fire TV remote.

While this is a great smart tv browser, they have been some complaints about privacy issues, if you don’t mind, feel free to use it to surf the web.

9. Kiwi Browser – Best Smart TV Browsers

Smart TV Browsers

Kiwi Browser is a fast and extensible browser. It is based on Chromium which makes it very light on resource usage and very responsive. The many features of this project provide a more advanced set of capabilities than any other browser.

Kiwi Browser developed its own plugins system which is similar to the Google Chrome store. Kiwi can run many famous plugins for the Internet, like Adblock, Video Downloader, Mouse Gestures, Youtube Downloader, Cloud Downloading.

Here are some cool features about Kiwi Browser;

  1. Night Mode
  2. Incognito mode
  3. Ad/pop up blocker
  4. Crypto jacking protection
  5. Import and Export bookmarks and more,

10. Brave Browser

Smart TV Browsers

Have you ever tried watching It on Netflix but you get frustrated from waiting for the pages to load on your TV browser? If this is the case, then you have a reason to rejoice.

A new browser has been invented just for Smart TV which offers a superior browsing experience. Brave is a new browser for your television. It’s a faster, safer way to surf the web. It blocks the most common Internet trackers and stops online surveillance. And because it’s open-source, you can also help make Brave better.

I was using Brave browser on Android mobile, but some months ago I bought a Samsung smart tv. Since then I have been using Brave browser for my smart tv and it’s amazing in every aspect.

If you have a smart TV and you have noticed its poor browsing performance, privacy issues, creeping ads, malware, etc. If you are annoyed and tired of all these things then don’t worry. Brave browser is the solution for you. It is one of the best smart tv browsers.


One of the best ways you can improve your online viewing experience is by getting a good TV. You can make your viewing experience even more interesting and enjoyable by installing browsers on your television device. Although there are a lot of options to choose from, these are our picks for the 10 best smart tv browsers.

Thanks for viewing our list of the 10 best smart tv browsers. We’re sure you’ll like at least one of the applications mentioned above. If that’s the case, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. You may also want to check out the following articles:

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