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Share Location Android: 12 Best Location Sharing Apps

Share Location Android: 12 Best Location Sharing Apps


Hey there, Permit me to introduce to you the best location sharing apps for android. It is totally possible to share location from your Android with anybody at any time.

There are quite so many apps out there that claim to have the ability to share location, but I’m going to bring apps from google play store to your doorstep…Ring! Ring! Ring!…yeah that’s me.

So, my apps below will help you share location on Android

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Share Location Android: 12Best Location Sharing Apps

  1. Location Sharing App

Boom! there it is, the share location android app of all time, pleased to meet you, smiles… So, this is one of the most popular location sharing apps on google play store.

This app is linked to Google maps and makes sharing location easier and faster from the comfort of wherever you are.

Many people haven’t really used the app, but it makes sharing faster than I can imagine.

Share Location Android

2. Glympse

Catch a glimpse of other people’s location when they share it with you, but don’t be left out, you can do the same, and share your location with friends and family with the Glympse app.

This app is totally free and no sign-up needed to stat-up this app. With this app, you can coordinate and control a cool night out with your buddies or your girlfriends y just sharing your location and linking up to catch some fun.

This app also keeps track of your movement, to let your friends and family know your safe, when your out for a bit.

Share Location Android

3. Life360

Life360 is your best bet if you’re looking to keep your family safe from harm. You can link every member of your family to this app and be linked in such a way that, you can know where everyone is at every time.

This app is fast and efficient, you can connect to different set of people, create groups to connect to famiy and to friends, respectively.

The aim and objective of this app it to let you share your location with whom ever you want with speed.

4. Find My Friends

Hey there, I want to find my friends? yeah, I’ve got you covered, ever heard of “find my friends” location app? It’s one of the best share location Android apps.

You deserve the best to be able to accomplish what you have in mind to accomplish. That’s why we tasked ourselves with the responsibility to get you the right sharing location app on google play store.

With this app, you can stay connected to your best friends from the comfort of your bed, couch, gym, or even while playing a video game. Sounds promising right? even better when you click the download button below and try it out.

Share Location Android

5. Location Changer 

This app is the full package that you have been looking for, you can share your location and also have the capability to hide your location from people you wish to avoid.

You can even change your location, create a decoy location, and make it look like you are in the supermarket when you’re just at home sipping your margaritas.

This app will keep on working even after your phone goes off, or is been rebooted.

6. My Location

Download this app now, what are you waiting for? This is the app that you have been looking for. You can share your location with friends and family and also save the locations that they have been in.

How amazing does it feel to be able to share your location, get details on someone else’s locations and save it, I mean, I’m just blown away already.

The GPS map works perfectly on this app and it’s also very fast and efficient.

7. Family Locator 

Hey! this one is for the family, I present to you the best family locator app for android, best for sharing location, keeping track of your family members movement and saving it for reference purposes or any other purpose at all.

In cases where your family member is traveling out of the state, you can keep track of their journey through the app and get notified when they reach their destination.

You can also create groups for private tracking of closest friends and family members.

Share Location Android

8. Share Live Location

This is a unique app that has thousands of downloads and is still one of the best sharing location apps for android. So, there is no better place to look, give this app a try.

I think I might just fall in love with this app, you can use this app to navigate through routes when driving. Then, use this same app to share location, save location, and even hide location, I mean, only one app does this?

Explore the world and share your live location to friends and others.

Share Location Android

9. Mobile Number Locator

If you’re finding it difficult to use your GPS to track or find someone, then you can download this app now and simply use your mobile number to track and share your location for free.

Type in the mobile number and search to get the bearer of the number and then, once you’ve confirmed that you can now track the number and know where the person is.

Basically the app will still need access to your GPS, but this time around, the connection will be based on the number, no number, no location.

Share Location Android

10. Save Location GPS

Your location lies in your hand, after sharing your location with someone, it is pertinent that you save it, I’m I talking? Yeah, I know you feel me.

So, to use this app, you need to be conscious that every location you share with someone, must be saved. You can also manage your location history, I basically have nothing more to say, so you think I’m just talking over your head, then tap that download link below and thank me later.

11. My Location

This is another cool location sharing app on my list of share location Android apps 2020. It’s really good and is quite fast and saves space, battery, and is also durable.

My location is just 22mb in the download size and has over 100 thousand downloads so far. So, this app is really making head way on the google play store market, so be among the next thousand to download, and use this app.

12. Share My Location

Have you ever been in a position where you wished you had a location sharing app on your android device, or your friends had the app instead and knew where you where to come bail yo out of a mess.

That is the use of apps like this, not everyone agrees with the idea of having a location sharing app, but it’s important to keep your friends close even on your android device, not to also forget about your family too, because they are jut as important.

Share Location Android


It doesn’t take a lot to get a share location android app. Check out the apps on my list, you’ll surely find a favorite share location Android app.

Now you can rest easy and know that your family and friends are safe when you have one of this app.

Thanks for checking out this article, drop a comment in the comment section below, and you’ll get a reply accordingly.

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