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How To Schedule Text Messages On Android

How To Schedule Text Messages On Android

Now here’s a new one you probably didn’t know about on your android, it is called schedule SMS. it was created/embedded on android devices because of user busy schedules and daily distractions.

How many times have you wanted to send an important text message to a family member, a co-worker, or your boss but realized it was too late or too early?

Or maybe you planned to send an SMS to someone or a group of people only to have your attention stolen somewhere else, so you forget?

Then this post is totally for you…

Most times forgetting to send important text messages is a common problem for many people. Well, there is always the option of creating memos to remind you, but believe me, the best option would be to schedule a text message.

Using this new schedule message feature in android, you no longer have to rely on memos for remembering to send messages.

This post will completely show you how to send a scheduled message and you can be sure that your scheduled message will reach your contacts at the right time.

Send Delayed Text Message On Android: Steps

The images below are for android marshmallow 6.0

Certain steps are required for scheduling messages, these steps are quite very easy to follow. if you would want to schedule SMS on your android device just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:
Go to messages on your android device.

Step 2:
And go to the message thread of the person you want to send the scheduled message or create a new message and then add a recipient (Enter the contact or contacts you want to send a scheduled message) Then tap on the utility button.

schedule a text message

Step 3:
If you have tapped on the utility button will see a list of things like picture, contact etc.swipe left and locate scheduled message.

schedule a text message

Step 3:
An interface will then pop up, all you have to do is select the date and time you want the message to be sent. The time must be more than 6 minutes before the current time. after that tap on the Done button at the topmost right.

schedule a text message

Step 4

Now you can compose the message and send, you’ll notice that there is a clock close to the send message button which simply indicates that your written message is scheduled to be sent in the future.

android scheduled message

Does my device have android schedule text message?

You can find the schedule message option on most android devices, you can use the same procedure above to find the schedule message feature on your device.

If it is not there don’t panic. you can download an SMS scheduler from google play store.

Here’s a short video clip on how to schedule a text message on android.


If you have any difficulties with the SMS scheduler kindly let us know in the comment section for a quick response.

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  1. I tried to make everything as you suggest, but I probably made a mistake somewhere. After several hours of searching in the internet I decided to take advantage of this software, and it is completely solved my problem.

  2. Has this been removed from modern Android?
    Or just LG? I have the V40 ThinQ and this Diane seem to be built in. It was always so easy from my Samsung Galaxy phones.

  3. I also have an LG phone (G6) & despite following all of the above steps and exploring all of the utility/settings menu, there is no “schedule” option. Please help!

    1. Since the last update ran I no longer have any offs these options. I followed your steps Anna i used to send delayed messages alot. Can we do this some other way?

  4. On my S5, I had easily set it to put a five second delay on all texts and emails. Is this still possible?


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