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[Guide] How To Schedule Message On Telegram In 2021

[Guide] How To Schedule Message On Telegram In 2021


I bet a lot of you didn’t know about this. I have been using telegram for years and didn’t know that I could schedule messages on Telegram.

In this short guide, I will show you how to schedule message on Telegram.

Have you read my guide on how to schedule message on Android?

A scheduled message is basically a message that delays for some time before it is sent to a recipient.

The schedule feature can come in handy when you want to pass information to a person or group of people at a specific time.

Let’s say you wanted to remind your wife or husband to take their meds by 12, you are human and you can also forget to tell your spouse, but with the telegram scheduled message, you can send the message ahead.

How To Schedule Message On Telegram

Here is what to do to schedule message on Telegram;

1. Open your telegram app.

2. Start a conversation with the person you want to send a scheduled message to.

3. Type in the message you want to send. (You can attach a photo, video or file to your text).

4. Long press on the send button and tap on schedule message.

Schedule Message On Telegram

5. Select the month and specific time you want the message to be sent.

Schedule Message On Telegram

6. Tap on the send button below.

Schedule Message On Telegram

The messages will be added to your scheduled messages list and will only be sent when the scheduled date comes.

You can also schedule a message to send only when the recipient comes online. To do this;

  • Type in the message.
  • Long press the send icon.
  • Click on schedule message.
  • Click on the three dot icon at the top right.
  • Tap on “send when *name* comes online.

You can also send scheduled messages immediately. Here’s how to do this;

  • Open the conversation with the person you sent a scheduled message on telegram.
  • Tap on the schedule icon it is located just before the attachment icon.
  • Tap on the message you want to send immediately.
  • Tap on Send Now and the message will be delivered immediately to the recipient.


Can I Schedule Message On Telegram?

Yes, you can schedule message on telegram, to do this you will need to start a conversation with the person you want to schedule a message with > Type in a message or attach a file > Long press on the send icon > click on schedule message > Select the time you want the message to deliver > then send.

How do I know if a message is delivered on telegram?

Checkmarks! One checkmark signifies that the message has been delivered to the recipient. Two marks mean the recipient has opened your message. However, if the recipient has activated the hide last seen feature, you might not know when your message has been read by the recipient.


We’ve come to the end of this short guide on how to schedule message on telegram. You can use this feature however you please. There is no limit to the number of times you can schedule messages on telegram.

Thanks for stopping by, if you didn’t know about this feature on telegram, please share this content with your friends.

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  1. Wow. This is really cool. I really love Telegram because of its very unique features and strengths especially where WhatsApp falls.

    Seriously, I didn’t know how to schedule messages on Telegram and I’m so happy to learn that today.
    Thanks Beejay for feeding us with super cool content!


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