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Grab The Samsung J7 PRO (Unlocked Phone) At Amazon

Grab The Samsung J7 PRO (Unlocked Phone) At Amazon

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Hey Guys!

I am here to bring you an Amazing offer from Amazon. As you would already know, Amazon is actually the biggest online store in the world today.

Are you a lover of Samsung devices like I am? You should check this out.

This device has a lot of amazing features that’ll leave you satisfied and happy with your purchase.

There are many variations of this device on the Amazon store. There’s the 16gb(single sim), 32gb(dual sim). Depends on what you would like to use. Personally, I’d pick the 32gb over 16gb anytime, any day.

But as you’d expect, for these variations the prices differ.

Here are some PROs of this device.

  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • 4G/LTE
  • Android OS Nougat 7.0 pre-installed.
  • WiFi-  According to a review on the website. A customer said that the WiFi of the Samsung J7 pro is super strong.
  • The display is amazingly clear.
  • Speed and Performance– Performs well, no lagging and no freezing.
  • External Slot for SD Card– This device holds up to 256 GB (dedicated slot).
  • Camera– Now this is my best part. If you are the type that is into Snapchat or taking selfies. This device has a 13mp camera mounted not just only at the rear, but also the front. Selfie lovers like me will love this.
  • Battery– Battery life I find excellent and I am a heavy user of apps. I watch lots of YouTube videos, Facebook, listen to my music etc. My battery starts off at 100 percent, then after one hour of heavy use, it shows close to 93 percent. So I am pleased.
  • Device coolness/Battery coolness– This device doesn’t overheat.
  • USB Port is MICRO, not a type C. However it does have OTG (On the Go), which means with a USB/Micro adapter, you can insert a USB Flash drive, USB mouse, keyboard (one at a time). I use this to copy files from my Flash drive to my phone or vice versa).

The Samsung J7 pro also boasts of other amazing features like the front flash, fingerprint scanner and a bunch of other sensors that’ll make using this device worth the while.

If you want to know more or read customers reviews about the Samsung J7 pro.

You can check the device out on Amazon by hitting the button below.

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