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13 Best Sales Apps For Android That Are Useful

13 Best Sales Apps For Android That Are Useful


These apps focuses on companies that are in need of an increase in the promotion and advertisment of their sales products and services. That is why we have here today the best Sales Apps For Android.

In those days it was the idea of going from house to house, door to door, a place to place meeting people, and telling them about your business with the word of mouth.

Then, things changed when we got the internet. Now, it’s even better when we have apps like this to help market and sell your product, improve and increase your business.

That’s the beauty of sales apps for android. Your company will skyrocket to the top when you get one of the best sales app on my list below.

Let’s begin!

List Of Best Sales Apps For Android

  • Daily sales record

Here we have the best sales apps for android, with a large database of features and record space. create customer and product information, create reports, and export them to present to your company.

This is like a personal assistant app, get the job done for you, just grab a cup of coffee and start your day with this app to help you catalog everything that you need in its order.

This app is free and has a very easy and smooth user interface, hit that download link now and get this app for free.

Sales Apps For Android
  • Salesmate – Sales CRM

This is a well crafted platform for companies to employ their sales team to get the app to manage and coordinate their daily task and a other essential fetaures of the company.

There are certain features that this app is good for. When it comes to deal management, contact management and email synchronization, this app should be your go to.

To make better deals for your company you should consider hitting that download link below, you can also keep an eye on or monitor your deals history and know how to go about the next deal that comes through.

  • Sales Manager

Become a sales manager, learn how to manage your company with the help your Android device. This app has all that it taqke sot give you rup to date reprt on the dealling that is goinmg on arund you.

If you are in need of getting sales invoice, wit Sales Manager, you’re good to go. Connect to the cloud, using this amazing cloud-based client server, you can get your orders, products nd many more with it’s vast multi-user system.

The user interface of this app is simple and easily to use. So if you’re just starting up your company, you can easily use this app to get things into perspective.

Sales Apps For Android
  • Sales & Marketing Skills

This app has to do with sales and marketing. Wether it’s just a start-up business or your company has been aroundfor a while, you can market your product and services with this app.

It’s easy, reliable and simple to understand and use. Anyone can use this app to work for you. You can also use this app to grow your marketing skills and become a better business man/woman.

You can also use this to apply for a position n a company that you’ve always had a dream of working in. Get more amazing skills to add to your resume and get the job.

Sales Apps For Android
  • HubSpot

This is yet another good sales app for android. With Hubspot, you can manage your task, contacts, and deals. Set tasks that you wish to accomplish, set deals that you plan on checking out later, and then put some contacts on your task to keep you apprised when you need to give them a call.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible. It’s like gettnig a personal assitant, but if yiu don’t havethe funds to do so, you canget this app for yourself. We are in the digital age, where everything is on the internet vand been done onlinen with ease.

Jin in now, and get the best out of sales apps like this. It’s free and reliable.

hubspot sales app
  • AppSales: Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale

Here is another one guys, a really good sales apps that allows you to get apps that are meant to be paid, for free. Search and find amazing apps that Google play store or any other apps store might put a paid tag on it. Get those apps for free without any charge, but only for a limited amount of time.

This is a good deal, you get paid apps for free for just a short period of time, some apps might have a longer duration for you to use it, some might be less. The beauty of this is that you get to get the app and enjoy the features of the app for free.

Nothing good comes easy, so don’t expect to get a paid app for free, forever. It’s not possible. That’s why this deal is the best deal so far. courtesy of the developers of the so-said paid apps.

Sales Apps For Android
  • eOrder Sales App

Get your amazing order from eOrder now. There are a lot of things that you can do with this platform, order stuffs online at cheaper rates, the ability to re-price anything you want to buy, pictures of product that you want to buy that comes with a tag.

The re-pricing part got to me, I really like that, how about you? You also get to use a manager platform on the app to control how things are delivered and get comfortable with the products that you will be ordering.

This app is the full package. If you’re into ordering things online.

Sales Apps For Android
  • POS System Offline – FREE Point of Sales App

This is a very unique platform, the best you might have seen so far, if you have ever come across a sales app before, you haven’t seen this one for sure. You can run multiple bills at once, import and export data from one device to the other.

Now, let’s talk about inventory management where you can track any id number in real-time. Create products with images, price, information of the product, and the quantity you have available.

In a case of a bad network and a transaction was delayed and wasn’t properly processed, you can visit the transaction history to retrieve the evidence of the transaction and probably try it again.

  • QuickSell : WhatsApp Digital Cataloguing & Sales

Instead of using your Whatsapp messenger as most people do nowadays, to sell and advertise their products and services. You can get this app and do that with a high success rate.

If you want to use this app and get the best pout of it, you need to follow the instructions from the app carefully, but I’m just going to give you a few tips to help you get it right.

Create a catalog, import images of the products you want to sell, and give it a smashing title then, publish your catalog will be visible and ready for use.

  • Penny Assistant for Direct Sales

If you need your own -personal assistant, you can hire one, but don’t also forget to get this app too. Hey! you’re not paying this app, so don’t think that, after you hire a personal assistant, why do you still need to get this app.

The app is free and you don’t have to subscribe for anything online through the app. Check-in with the app every day, get task reminders, schedule days after customers place their orders from your store. Make selling easy with this app by your side, on your phone.

Sales Apps For Android
  • Bookkeeping & Inventory Management. Sales tracker

Like the name of this app says, bookkeeping, the first thing that comes to your mind records. You’re correct, with this app you can keep records and take inventory of the sales that have gone through your account and business.

This is a very legitimate app, it should take seriously, become the boss as you take control of your business, and grow it to better and greater heights. I feel you should have a taste of this app, just hit that download link now and get this app for free.

You get to spend money in any currency using this cool app, so it’s a one time offer.

Sales Apps For Android
  • ​Zendesk Sell – CRM, Leads and Sales Tracker

With Zendesk sell, sales tracking has never been better. Get a start on customer management, track emails that were attached to the sales using a geolocation map to navigate a narrow down your search to the right areas.

Synchronize all your contacts and notes, while looking after your sales pipeline. Just in case you will be busy with other things add, reminder and tasks, to keep yourself apprised of the latest from your sales.

This amazing app also uses the prestigious Google analytics to track used data in this app.

Sales Apps For Android
  • Sales shopping – cheap clothes, discount, sales

Last but not least on our list of best sales apps for Android is Sales Shopping. This app is just like the other shopping apps that you are familiar with the likes of Ali Express, Amazon, Walmart, and the rest. But I didn’t put them on my list because you probably already know them.

Apps that are on my list are for business people and kind of different from the regular sales apps that you may think you know. This one, in particular, is a little different from the conventional shopping apps, but you can get items from this app at cheaper rates.

Just hit that download link now and get this app for free.


As far as the best sales apps for android goes, it’s free and very effective. It has helped many that utilized the features that the apps has to offer, so stop hesitating, swipe back up and download one of those sales apps on my list above.

If you have any further questons on this topic, just drop a comment below and I will get to it in a minute.

Thank you for your time, bye!

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