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How To Remove Pop Up Ads On Android | Kill Annoying Ads

How To Remove Pop Up Ads On Android | Kill Annoying Ads

How To Remove Pop Up Ads On Android

remove pop up ads on Android


Hello dear reader,

Today’s article will teach you how to remove pop up Ads on Android.

Before I sat down to write this article, I was feeling a couple of things about this, most of which revolved around being tired and frustrated with pop up ads.

Whoever made them must have had a good yet myopic reason because it’s only of any good to the advertisers and we’re left wondering who we offended to have this befall us.

Are annoying pop-up ads constantly disturbing your browsing experience? Well, here are some tips you can use to remove pop up Ads on Android.


How to Remove Pop Up Ads On Android

Okay, before you go ahead to apply or use any of the tips listed below, I want you to know that these are personal opinions.

Okay, let’s move on.


  • Use Opera as your default browser

Okay, now I know some of you will be shocked when you see this and probably say to yourself, ”What the heck is he saying?”.

All, I’d say is ”Hear me out”.

Besides having an interface that works for me, Opera comes with the added advantage of being a natural ad blocker since all you have to do is just install and it works its magic. However, like most good things, it fails to be a 100% efficient (frankly, I doubt that anything is). I was shocked the first time I saw a pop up in over 6 months and I’m still trying to figure out why. That being said, it still remains one of the best options for me and I’m sticking to it. This is because only one pop up ad seems prevalent and besides it, I don’t even know what a pop up looks like.


  • Download the AdBlock Browser

Here’s one browser said to block pop up Ads on Android. Sometimes, you have to just stick to the guy that knows his business. AdBlock Browser for Andriod promises a great browsing experience at the expense of pop up ads. That way you can save the mental energy exerted on ignoring ads and put it into something more productive, like staring at pretty web pages. 

There are actually lots of ad-free browsers that remove pop up ads on Android when browsing.


  • Use an ad blocking extension like Ghostery

A while ago, I wrote on 25 best Google Chrome extensions and Ghostery was one of them. Ghostery offers a more aggressive approach at the ad blocking thingy. It even goes as far as giving the option to block everything. I’m not sure how much that covers but it definitely gets rid of pop-ups which is what we want.


  • Avoid downloading certain Apps on your device


Believe it or not, the reason why pop up ads won’t give you breathing space might be because of a certain App you downloaded. Apps on Android like Adsense, Analytics, WhatsApp, and Facebook will never show pop up Ads on your Android device. But then, others Apps like (names withheld) might be the ones secretly flooding your Android screen with pop up Ads.

Think I am lying? Well, try this. Uninstall those Apps or Games on your Android device that have in-game or in-App Ads showing. You might just find out that the annoying pop-up that won’t go away isn’t there anymore.


  • If you use Chrome, set the ad blocking on.

If you’re a diehard Chrome user, then changing your browser would be seen as a little drastic. I’m such an Opera faithful and the sight of another browser can hurt my senses but I swear by Chrome when I’m not using my phone browser.

That said, it’s also quite easy to block pop-ups on Chrome. Just go to the three dots at the top of the screen > Settings > Site settings > Pop-ups and turn it off. It was already off on my Chrome after I downloaded it, but it’s okay to double check.

You should Use data saver mode on Chrome too. Turning on the Data Saver setting on Chrome streamlines the web page content, which in most cases includes unwanted ads. This enables you to have a smooth web experience without an alarming charge on your data. On the other hand, your browsing experience might fall flat as some pages won’t have all their “glittery” features. For this reason, you can opt to turn off Data Saver. To turn on Data Saver, click on the three dots at the top of your Chrome page and go to Settings > Data Saver and turn it on.


  • Reset Your Android Device


This should be your last resort in your quest to remove pop up Ads on Android. So, let’s say you have tried everything from downloading an adblocker browser to uninstalling certain Apps and Games on your Android device and even after doing all that, those annoying Ads won’t let you be.

Most times the cause of those pop-up ads might be a virus or trojan. And most times it is difficult to delete a stubborn virus. Your best bet is to reset your Android device. This should remove any virus that is causing your device to show pop up Ads.

Am I talking about Soft reset? No, I am actually talking about the Hard reset.

Here’s an article on how to reset an Android device.

Note: Before you think of resetting your Android device, you should back up your files to an external storage.



Okay, enough talking. I am tired and have to put to an end to this article on how to remove pop up ads on Android. I know you love me a lot more after this post. You’re welcome. *smiles*.

If after reading this article you are still faced with annoying pop-up ads on Android, you can comment below and I will surely help you remove pop up ads on Android.

And Hey! Don’t forget to click or tap on that share button, this needs to reach your friends and family, don’t you think?

Do have a nice day. :-) 



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  1. I had this issue before in my samsung s5, for which i had to factory reset my android. These ads are so annoying.

  2. Need your help removing Pop up ads on !y andriod phone. It’s driving me crazy. First thing is, I don’t know which apps have the Pop ups so, I don’t know which one’s to choose? Second, if I download Opera, the one you use, will it remove all Pop ups no matter what browser I have such as chrome or Firefox? I just them all gone. Help! Thanks.

    1. Hello Ali, sorry about the ad problem.

      Tell me exactly what you are facing. Is it with your browser?

  3. I have done everything on this page and still have pop up ads. It’s not just while I browse the net. I can be listening to my music and they pop up there as well. I have added ad blockers. I think I have 4 now. Barely any games. I’m about to just throw my phone.

    1. Hey David, trust me I know how annoying this can be for you.

      Sorry about that. Have you tried deleting some unnecessary 3rd party apps on your phone?

      You could all try clearing all the cache and data from your browsers.

      Also, check the notifications you have allowed on your Google Chrome browser. You can disable the unnecessary ones.

      Let me know if the pop up continues.

  4. I am sick and tired of Pandora and Face garbage ads. Reporting the abuse of these ads is no use.

    I am looking forward to break up of Google and Face garbage.

    I have nothing good time say about either one of them or the fake ads regarding weight loss and all questionable prescription medications.

    Downloading Ad Guard and other apps haven’t helped either.

  5. Hi, I’ve followed all the advice given by many and resulted in a full factory reset! Alas, this did not work and still experience pop up game ads etc when opening apps…. not every time….. but it would seem, as and when it feels like it? I even had malware bytes on my phone but nothing seems to work. I’ve not downloaded any additional apps since the reset either! There would appear to be something else driving these game ads to appear?


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