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How To Recall An Email In Gmail | Retract Messages Right After Sending

How To Recall An Email In Gmail | Retract Messages Right After Sending


Gmail (google mail), a free advertising-supported email service developed by Google and it’s one of the world best mailing services of our time.

Unlike some other Email service providers/Apps, Gmail has proven to be more reliable and secured in providing quality service and it also portrays a swift U.I (User Interface).

Gmail at intervals modifies its features to suit its user’s needs and preference. Talking about modified features, Gmail offers a feature that helps you undo sent messages on your android device.

The term “undo” means to retract a message immediately after you send it.

You have to be real quick to recall sent message because Gmail only offers a few seconds to ensure that you want the mail to be delivered as sent or you want to make corrections before sending.

I personally find this feature very useful.


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I am sure you may have encountered a typographical error? typing while you’re dizzy and you get to realize right after you just hit the send button.

Almost Everyone has had that angry moment.

Well, whatever the case may be, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because we will show you how to recall An Email In Gmail.

Some other email services provide message retracting feature that can recall messages even after the recipient has read it but the good part of Gmail’s ‘undo sent message’ feature is that it prevents the recipient from receiving or viewing the mail (you have to undo it immediately after sending).

I am positive you are ready to learn how to Recall An Email In Gmail? Let’s get to the steps.


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How To Recall An Email In Gmail

  • Log in to your Gmail account (mobile app).
  • Compose a message you want to send.

how to undo sent messages on Gmail android



  • Add Recipient.



  • Send the mail.
  • Tap “undo” Immediately it displays a “sent” notification just below the message.




It is Quite easy and very effective. This Gmail feature has proven to be useful and has saved some persons from regrettable mailing actions.
Alternatively, you can go to settings and enable the “confirm before sending”, it is very useful too. What it does is to pop up a message for confirmation before sending mail.

Note: The above-listed steps are basically for the Gmail Android mobile app. Also, make sure that your Gmail mobile app is updated.

I hope this article has been helpful? Recalling An Email In Gmail Android feature is inarguably very useful, its an added advantage to Gmail users. please feel free to use the comment section below. Share your thoughts and contributions.

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