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Reason Google Stripped Huawei’s Android Licencing & Huawei’s Solution

Reason Google Stripped Huawei’s Android Licencing & Huawei’s Solution


Google, the globe spanning services and information technology giant, recently confirmed it had halted all Android support to Huawei, the world’s second largest cell phone manufacturer. What is the immediate effect of this ban on existing owners of Huawei smart devices, and what does the future hold for them?

In short, the ban will have very little effect, if any, on people already owning a Huawei mobile smart device. Just after the official announcement wherein Google made the suspension of its services to Huawei public, the company reassured worried users of Google’s commitment to provide continued full future support to all owners already using a Huawei mobile device.

Effectively this means the ban only affects Huawei as a company since the trade restriction only affects new devices. However, the ban has been a long time in its coming, which gave Huawei more than sufficient time to prepare for the possibility. Moreover, this will not leave Huawei completely up the creek without a paddle, since the company still has full access to Google’s non-licenced services including the Android Open Source Project if the company chooses to continue using Android as their OS platform of choice.

Google took the steps as a response to comply with the Trump administration’s recent actions and in their announcement assured people the company would comply with all requirements imposed by the US Government and would also reaffirm services such as Google Play Protect and Google Play Services would continue functioning on Huawei devices. This generated a huge sigh of relief from Huawei owners across the globe since it meant they could continue using the full functionality of their smart devices and in future continue to receive OS & app updates.

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The Play Protect service from Google provides an extra layer of protection built into the Play Store itself as it scans apps for updates, device compatibility, and more.

As a further response to the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) ruling, Huawei has already instituted legal proceedings against the US Government seeking to overturn the ban. Filed during March in the US Federal Court, Huawei seeks a declaratory judgement declaring the NDAA ban unconstitutional.

The company currently faces a 10-count indictment with charges ranging from attempted theft of intellectual property to obstructing justice. These are separate to an additional 13 count indictment. Amongst the allegations, the US Justice Department accuses Huawei of offering bonuses to various employees for information theft without explaining to the employees their actions would be illegal.

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