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Real-Life Stories of Huge Jackpots: Biggest Casino Jackpots Won in History

Real-Life Stories of Huge Jackpots: Biggest Casino Jackpots Won in History


Slots are undoubtedly the most popular casino games. Reports have revealed that many players sink millions of dollars into slot machines daily. Playing slots is usually very enticing with flashy lights, dollar signs, and click-clack sounds. 

Slots are effortless to learn and play if you are interested. It is also a game of luck, and players don’t require much skill. But, if lady luck is on your side, and you hit a huge progressive jackpot, you can be sure that your fortunes will change forever. 

Fortunately, you can enjoy slots on online casinos from the comfort of your home. Moreover, there are also mobile slots that you can enjoy online. Players in the UK are can enjoy a wide range of casino games at topmobilecasino.co.uk, where they can also discover the best mobile casinos in the area. There are stories of players that have won big jackpots all over the world. 

If you think winning jackpots is just marketing mumbo jumbo by online casinos, you thought wrong! Below are real-life stories of the biggest casino jackpots won in history.

Mr. Tippin – 11 Million USD

Mr. Tippin, a Postal worker, walked away with 11 million USD at Megabucks. Slot big wins have been around for a while, and Mr. Tippin’s big win can confirm that. 

John Tippin was on vacation in Las Vegas in 1991 when his fortunes changed after landing a whopping 11 million USD Megabucks jackpot. After the win, he published a book dubbed “I Dit it! My Life After Megabucks. The book was about his win and vacation in Vegas. The book also narrates how the Jackpot win turned his life upside down. 

Lucky Finnish Player – 18.7 Million USD

Do you know what it means to be lucky? Well, you need to listen to the story of a Finnish slot player. The player turned a 25-cent wager on the Mega Fortunate slot by NetEnt into a massive 18.7 million USD. His luck came on January 20th, 2013, at the Paf Casino. 

The Finnish player had tried his luck for several years, but luck finally shone on him. He entered the history books as one of the players to grab the Mega Fortune slot. 

Jon Heywood – 20 Million USD

Mega Moolah has become famous for delivering massive slot wins in recent years. In October 2015, Heywood, a UK soldier aged 26 years at the time, won around 20 million USD after winning the Mega Moolah jackpot. He was playing at Betway Casino. The exact amount he won was 17,879,645 EUR

To date, this remains the biggest progressive jackpot ever won online. The Brit used his spoil to buy fancy cars and pay off his relatives’ medical bills. He is also living large. 

Elmer Sherwin – 25.6 Million USD in Two Mind-Boggling Wins

Stories of huge progressive jackpot wins are not necessarily rare. However, the chances of winning the jackpot twice are more like lightning striking the same spot twice. Elmer Sherwin is an exception. 

The WWII veteran scooped a 4.6 million USD jackpot on Megabucks by IGT in Las Vegas. This massive win came after The Mirage had swung its doors open. At the time, Elmer was 76, which explains why he spent most of his fortune catering to his wanderlust.

Interestingly, he did not retire from the game, and he kept playing slots hoping to hit another jackpot. His consistency paid off as 16 years later; he struck another massive Megabucks jackpot win worth 21 million USD. That win put him among the few second-time jackpot winners. This time, the veteran gave away most of his win to charities. 

60-Year-Old Lady – Over 27 Million USD

Do you believe in magic? You should ask this 60-year-old who discovered that magic happens in Vegas. The granny won 680000 USD while playing The Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Palace Station Hotel. 

However, she did not go on a spending spree like the other big winners. Instead, she chose to continue spinning the reels. As luck would have it, she scooped a 27 million USD jackpot on Megabucks several months later. It is not clear what she did with her win. If you scoop the jackpot you can click here to find out how you can spend your fortune well. Nevertheless, she remains one of the biggest jackpot winners of all time!

25-Year-Old Wins 39 Million USD

The identity of the winner remains a mystery, but this massive slot payout is worth mentioning. However, the story of this enormous win is an interesting one. The unidentified 25-year-old from LA was waiting for a basketball to begin. Therefore, he chose to spin the reels as he waited for the game. 

However, he did not know that his pass-time activity would help him scoop one of the biggest wins ever recorded in Las Vegas. The unnamed lucky player won a whopping 39 million USD at the Excalibur Casino. After the win, he chose to take a 1.5 million USD cut each year for the next 25 years. 

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