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[Working] How To Post Link To Facebook Story

[Working] How To Post Link To Facebook Story


Facebook is one platform you can use to get leads to a particular website. The limit of friends one can have on Facebook is 5000 and this is because there are technical issues when you have more than 5000 friends.

5000? Well, that’s a good number and you could leverage your Facebook story and drive at least half of the number to any page you want.

According to my personal analysis, Facebook stories have a higher conversion rate than normal Facebook feed posts.

Now the big question is Can you add a link to a Facebook story?

Yes! If you are having a hard time trying to post link to Facebook story, you’re in luck.

I’ll show you how to easily post link to Facebook Story.

Back in the day, it was possible to post links to Facebook story using our Android or iOS Facebook app, but things have changed.

Recently, I tried posting a link to my Facebook story and it was almost impossible to achieve this. I could only share a link to my Facebook news feed.

After a lot of trials, I finally figured it out.

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Two Ways To Post Link To Facebook Story

Without further ado lady or gentleman, here’s a quick way to add a clickable link in Facebook story.

Using PC: Add clickable Link in Facebook Story

This first step requires that you have a Laptop, if you don’t have one it’s totally fine, simply scroll down and check the next method.

1. Open any browser on your PC.

2. Go to web.facebook.com

3. Input your username and password then sign in.

4. In the create post section, input the link and add whatever text you want to accompany the link.

create post on facebook

5. Check or click on your story below and then click on post.

posting link to facebook story

And that’s all, a clickable link will be posted to your Facebook story immediately and will be up and running for 24 hours.

Using Android: Add Clickable Link In Facebook Story

Forget about the app, up till now, there’s no way to post a clickable link in Facebook story using the Android Application.

But here’s how I was able to post a link to my Facebook story using my Android device.

1. Open any browser of your choice on your Android device. (I used Google Chrome for Android).

2. Go to web.facebook.com and sign in. It should redirect you to the mobile version of Facebook.

3. On Google Chrome for Android, tap on the utility button at the topmost right then scroll down and tap on desktop site.

desktop mode on chrome

4. Click on the URL bar and type in web.facebook.com it should now take you to the desktop version of Facebook.

5. In the create post section, add your link and text if any, then select your story and tap on post.

post link to facebook story

And there you have it, your link will be added to your Facebook story and can be easily clicked by viewers.

Can you post a link on Facebook story?

Yes, here’s a quick video tutorial I made on how to add clickable link to Facebook stories.


There you go, that’s the easiest way to post link to Facebook story, hopefully in the future, Facebook would bring a feature that enables us to post links to our stories without having to access the Facebook web.

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