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PES 2018 Android Review | Download | Graphics Will Blow Your Mind

PES 2018 Android Review | Download | Graphics Will Blow Your Mind


Pes 2018 Android Review




Hey Guys, I am here to introduce this completely unique game to you, one of the latest releases on google play store, the new and improved Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.

PES 2018 Android game was released on May 23, 2017, but is now completely available on Google play store this year 2018. 2.3.2 is the current version of this amazing game which has been offered to us by Konami.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand the benefits, techniques, and features of the new PES 2018 Android game, if and when you download it.

My advice to you will be to download it, this game is totally worth it especially the fact that it is on mobile. The size, ratings and other important info will be stated as you read on, this is just the intro let me not get ahead of myself.



Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is a unique brand of the year 2018 edition of Pro Evolution Soccer. Offering high-quality graphics, exceptionally smooth gameplay.

Nothing other than the best sound effects, from the music to the commentary to all other sound effects.

Pes 2018 can be said to be a very well dedicated successor of the popular Pes 2017.

Introducing a much better and advanced gameplay, it is quite hard to get Pes 2017 on Android devices. This new release is 10 times much better than any Pro Evolution Soccer you might have played on your Android device. Play PES 2018 Android game anywhere, anytime.





Build up your favorite fantasy squad and put them to the test against computer and friends. Engage in training activities to increase the attributes of your players.  Keep your squad alive and active against any team you will encounter.

Now first off, before I go into telling you how to download this cool PES 2018 Android game, you need to know where to download.

Like I mentioned earlier in the introduction, google play store is the ideal place to download this game. There are basically two ways and two places you can download this game from.

The first and most appropriate place is from google play store. The second place is from searching the game via the web.


Download From Google play store now






The steps in downloading from the google play store are very easy.

Basically, two options, download through the mobile internet connection or over a WiFi connection.

Now, WiFi connection is a whole lot more preferable to the mobile internet connection. This is because it is way faster and a whole lot more efficient (what I mean is, there will basically be no missing files and stuff).


Nevertheless, if you decide to download the game through your regular mobile Data connection, you ain’t got no problem with that.

Secondly, when you must have chosen your download type, you can then go over to the google play store App.

Every Android device has this app,

  • Search for “Pes 2018 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER”.
  • Click on install to download the game.

ensure to have enough space on your Android device. The game is 1.5GB in the installation size, so if you choose to install the game on your phone memory or Sd Card. You can go to settings option in the google play store App and set download location.



This is basically how it will look, the regular play store look. This particular version of PES 2018 Android game was updated on August 7, 2018.

Some amazing features were added to the game. Some iconic stars like David Beckham, Ronaldhino, Maradona, Zico and more to make PES 2018 Android more authentic.

All these historical football stars will be available for you to choose and have complete control over them in the real game matches.

Use them to take free kicks, penalties, and many more activities. You can adjust the players in every team and choose which team a player should go to.

Place your favorite football star in your favorite team. All this can be done from the settings option in the game.


Experience the thrill of playing with your favorite fantasy squad containing your stars from soccer’s rich history.



Downloading PES 2018 Android Via The Web



If you are downloading Pes 2018 via the web, it is pretty easy.

All you have to do is to simply log onto the browser you will be using for the process, go google search and search for Pes 2018 Apk download and follow the search results to find the particular version available to download.

Now, why play store is basically preferred and highly recommended is that you don’t have to download the Apk file of the game which is just about 26mb and then opens the game and starts downloading the resource files from inside the game.

If you choose to download the game from google play store, all the necessary files will be downloaded immediately to your download location of choice.


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Moving ahead,

When you must have downloaded the complete game you can now open and begin playing.

Now, I want to explain a little bit of what you should be expecting from this PES 2018 Android. That is what this article is basically all about, but infact PES 2018 Android game is worth the stress.

Images will be added to help me explain the important feature and things to do and avoid so that you can enjoy the game without stress.


The game’s interface might get confusing, Exhibition matches are not clearly stated, leagues and the rest are put into formats that can get a little bit complicated and confusing, but I’m positive that after I’m done with this article you will get the hang of it.



This is basically the first thing that will be displayed as you open the game. That familiar sight of Pro Evolution Soccer, literally how all Konami PES games open, be it on Android or game console. After that, the game will enter a loading phase, that will take some time so be patient. This loading phase is basically trying to gather the necessary files that have been downloaded and place them in their appropriate formats.

Before I go further, I will like to introduce the new features that came with the new update, especially the new players that were added to the PES 2018 Android player list. The iconic David Behkam and the stunning Ronaldhino, crazy Maradona on the pitch and the jaw-dropping Zico.



There are a whole lot of soccer stars available in PES 2018 Android and in this PES 2018 Android Review that I have mentioned over and over.

But there are only 2 players that are been celebrated more in this game. These players are from the above image, David Beckham, and Ronaldinho.

This does not mean that other top soccer legends are not important and celebrated. This couldn’t be further from the truth, every newly added soccer legend are widely celebrated and available to be used. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 only emphasized Beckham and Ronaldinho.

If you are a fan of soccer you will know the special tactics, skills, and attributes of these players, which has made them highly recognized. These skills and tactics are also available in the game, use the buttons on the screen to perform these high-level skills.



Does PES 2018 Android Support Gamepad usage?

For now, this version of PES 2018 Android does not support gamepad, I have tried and it really doesn’t work.

But I’m positive that Konami will work on that and add a gamepad feature to enable us to enjoy this game to the fullest. PES 2018 Android is still a working progress, so updates will be coming in later.


The only downside of this game is the fact that it requires a stable internet connection to play. So ensure to have a consistent Mobile internet connection on your Android device, to avoid interruptions.

Experience an improved VS match mode, play against your friends any day, anytime. If you swipe towards the left you will see the local leagues and local matches that will be made available, this interface is quite different from what you are used to, so just go with the flow.



Choose your favorite team from an array of national and club teams available in this game. Japan, China, and some other national teams were updated in this game.

Create your own squad from popular teams like Fc Barcelona, Liverpool Fc, Chelsea, As Roma, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Napoli, Arsenal, Manchester City and many more. a whole lot of leagues which you can choose your favorite team from.

You can test this teams in training type situations, train in skills, tactics, formation changes, positioning on the pitch, fluid formation tactic. You can also train each player in precision passing, marking, swift tackling, and many more.


The graphics of this Pes 2018 is totally amazing, player movement tells the whole story, the commentary is also on point.



Scoring goals are made easy with precision shots, a radar appears anytime you wish to shoot, this radar shows the direction in which you have indicated through the joystick analog and the ball trail continues until the ball has hit its target.

The joystick analog is very free and smooth, easily change the player’s direction without any issue. Makes you feel like you are playing the game on a PC or with a game console. No matter the screen size, PES 2018 Android is the game to have.



The tackle button will basically help you tackle your opponents legally, try not to slide too late, you might incur a foul or penalty.

The switch button is extremely important when playing PES, especially when your opponent is the one with the ball and you need to switch to the player nearest to him to enable you to defend his attempt on goal.

The press button is like the tackle button, but you press when your opponent is with the ball, that is quite literally when the button will pop-up.

Use the press button to mark your opponent back to back and collect the ball from his leg, or as some might call it “Steal” the ball from his leg. We all know what the shot button is for unless you are not interested in scoring goals, you need this button more than ever.


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Now, in addition to that, if you are not satisfied with the control scheme, you can always change it to the regular 4 directional button pattern. The “square” button located at the left side on the right-hand side of the screen, for clearing the ball and shooting, the “X” button at the bottom side, for passing the ball and applying pressure on your teammates to attack or defend. The “Angle” button at the top, for through passes and lofted pass. The “O” button at the right side, for sliding and clearing the ball away from your “18”.


Goal celebration is just as unique as every other part of this game, so realistic and creative. The close view when the player is celebrating shows the high-quality graphics that has been applied to the game to increase its authenticity. You can save your goals into the game and the file will be saved in your phone’s memory. Before I forget, and this is why the gamepad is very necessary, the “R” for the run and the “L” for cursor change will be displayed at the top of the screen in their respective manner. “R” at the top right-hand corner and “L” at the top left-hand corner.


This game is amazingly outstanding, I wouldn’t want to go further, I will like for you to do yourself a favor, click the link below and download this game and join the PES 2018 Android experience.

Download Here and join the Soccer experience  




After all said and done, this article will not be complete if you fail to download this game and share it with your friends, play online with them and enjoy non-stop soccer experience. This game is very addictive and can get you playing it for hours and hours without breaking. PES 2018 Android is suitable for all Android versions from 5.0 and above, this game has already been downloaded by over 10 million people and will keep being downloaded, so join in now.

I want to say a big thank you to all my viewers, I’m sure you understood all that has been said and laid out, this game is easy and simple to play, for any age-grade. The game is also supported in different languages, so the country you are from doesn’t really matter, but for future purpose, if you are downloading this game from Japan and you change the language to Japanese  from the language settings of this game, the name will change “Pro Evolution Soccer 2018″ to ” Winning Eleven 2018″. any other language other than the Japanese selection, the name remains “Pro Evolution Soccer 2018”. Till next time, bye.

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