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Payment Methods Created For Safety and Convenience

Payment Methods Created For Safety and Convenience


Online shopping has become one of the most popular forms of spending money and for good reason. Many users see this as safe and there are a constant variety of endless products or services to buy online. But how do people know that they are using a trusted payment method to do so? How can you be sure that your transactions are secure and that no personal details are being siphoned?

There are specific payment methods that have been designed to keep clients personal banking information secure as well as make the transaction take place in a speedy fashion. Most online vendors accept these trusted methods and as an online user, you should be aware which of these are the best for your convenience.

Below is a list of some of the most trusted methods that online users can choose to make payments online.


Most online users are familiar with this method of online payment, making it a popular choice. PayPal is an American based company that was established back in 1998 under a different company name until it became an independent company in 2015. Ever since it has been a trusted and secure method of payment which takes a small fee off each transaction, online vendors have been adopting this form of payment. The company makes sure to secure each transaction by encrypting the data that this sent from the buyer to the vendor.

PayPal allows users to make payments as well as send and receive money. It is accessible to individuals, businesses, partners and developers. The sign up and activation process is simple and rather quick. All that is required is an email address and a password, and then you will be required to add your credit or debit card information followed by the final step that includes the option to use PayPal. Once all your details are securely added to the PayPal system all that is required is your email address and password for the transaction. Opening an account is free and making a purchase is free using the service, however if there is a currency conversion, a small fee is charged.

There are over 200 million active PayPal accounts, proving the trustworthiness of this online financial facility.

Amazon Pay

For those familiar with Amazon or have an Amazon account, Amazon Pay is a familiar online payment option. Introduced back in 2007, the company bases its payment structure on the database of their existing members. Amazon Pay offers fraud protection at no additional cost, securing the trust of their clients. Any additional information that is required from the client is protected by the service, however it is entirely up to the client how much information they would like to divulge. Some personal data will be required to move forth with a payment, however all data is protected and secured.

Furthermore, Amazon Pay has set up charities that clients can choose to donate to should they wish to, adding a sense of humanity to the online system. Thousands of online vendors have this service as a payment option, which in essence also makes Amazon Pay a popular and safe choice.


Anyone who owns a credit card knows Visa. The majority of online vendors facilitate this payment option as it is linked directly to the user’s bank account. However, regardless of the authentic service, many users feel uncomfortable with using their banking data at online vendors. There are always new and inventive ways of committing fraud and clients can never be too careful with giving away unnecessary access to their bank accounts. However, Visa itself is quite safe and secure, keeping their customers satisfied with their service.


Slightly different to Pay Pal and Amazon Pay, Authorize.Net is a trusted service that allows merchants to process and receive financial transactions from customers purchasing their products online. The service allows these transactions to take place over their websites over an IP (Internet Protocol) connection. It is a safe and trusted service that small businesses can benefit from as they are able to access a free application from their mobile phones in order to accept and clear these transactions. Authoize.net specialize in eChecks and are known to be particularly useful in online casino transactions since most other payment methods are banned from being used for online gambling. PayPal and credit cards both avoid the industry in the US and Canada.


Over 10 million card holders have chosen PayGate since its birth in 1999 and just like Authorize.Net business owners can choose this as a safe and trusted method of securing online payments.


A high percentage of online vendors accept MasterCard and most card holders own one, making this an ideal method of payment. Protected by the banks security policy, MasterCard is an incredibly safe and secure financial service when a transaction is processed. As with Visa, using the MasterCard’s information to make payment would need to be processed on a safe site as to avoid fraudulent activity. Users generally prefer to make use of a wallet that protects their MasterCard information or simply avoid sites that they aren’t familiar with. MasterCard has been operational for over 50 years, continuously improving their services and ensuring the security of all their clients. MasterCard is an award winning service that has always been a trusted service, making it an optimum service for financial transactions.

Google Pay

An obvious choice for a method of trusted payment would be Google. Dominating the internet, Google created a service that simplified the process of online payments, this later became known as Google Pay. The service evolved throughout the years, morphing into something that all clients could use and trust. As a result Google Pay has now become a familiar form of payment with online merchants and clients.

When it comes to privacy and security there is no measure a person wouldn’t go through to protect their personal data. For this very reason it is advised that buyers should only buy from trusted sites that promote these kinds of private and secure services, forbidding fraudulent activity and cloning of personal data. These services encrypt any data sent from the buyer to the merchant, deflecting any nefarious activity that may lead to theft.

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