Guys, trust me, I know TikTok is cool and all, but you need to watch how you use it on a daily. The thing is, when you start watching that first video, it is literally impossible to stop. And then you feel it “the addiction kicking in, like morphine”. Check out: TikTok Screen Time Management […]
Want to know a quick tip on how to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing? Follow me, I’ll show you in a bit; LinkedIn is an amazing platform where you can meet great business minds, sometime around 2016, I landed my first major Job through LInkedIn. If you haven’t made money via LinkedIn you […]
Hello there, I’m back with another descriptive and easy to read guide on how to delete Gmail account in Android Phone. All the steps that I will be sharing with you are working, I tried them out using a dummy account. If you are looking at how to delete Gmail account on Android or how […]