Fornite VS PUBG Review: Graphics, Weapons, Character: Which Is Better!

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Fornite VS PUBG which do you think is better? Hey there!! Today I’m going to be talking about two popular open world games on the planet currently. I’m not going to go too deep into it. Let’s start with the origin of the games for beginners. FORNITE: Fornite is an online survival game launched on […]

  Apps get a bad reputation, being seen as nothing more than a time sink for people standing in line at the grocery store. However, there are plenty of educational apps for Android out there that can actually teach you something as you wait for that bus, or sit in a waiting room. Here are […]
Best Chrome Extensions For Designers 2018 Hey there reader. I’d start this article by saying ”Thanks for being here”. I hope you enjoy your read. Designers, designers, designers!!! Over the weeks we’ve been talking about extensions for internet users of all kinds and classes and now it’s your turn. To become the better version of […]
Google Chrome Extensions For Developers 2018     I am a big fan of Google Chrome Extensions. I have actually published lots of articles in the past on Extensions, from 25 best Google Chrome Extensions to Google Chrome Security extensions, Google Chrome Extensions for students and others. This article is going to be centered on […]
Google Chrome Extensions For Students   Extensions! I have written on many articles pertaining to extensions in the past, from 25 best Google Chrome Extensions to Best Google Chrome Security Extensions and more. Today’s article is also centered on Google Chrome Extensions, but this time, It’ll be specifically for students. S0, you are here, reading […]


Top 12 Best Diet Apps For Android | Get Result In Weeks

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Are you the type who wants to keep track of weight, find the perfect recipe for healthy eating, calculate BMI and BMR?  Then this list of best diet Apps for Android is definitely for you. They’re not your average kind of apps as we took our time to research this niche thoroughly. Moreover, these apps […]