11 Best Android Platform Games 2020 | Revive Old Memories

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Don’t you miss 32 & 16-bit games? Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and more. I love platform games, and you’re reading this, which means you love them too. What are platforms games? Platformers or platform games are a video genre and sub-genre of action games. In platform games, the most you would have to do […]

Hey there! Yes, you wielding the big sub-machine gun. Oh no sorry, you can’t wield it yet cause you haven’t cruised through our list of extra juicy first-person shooter warfare and advanced weaponry that makes you feel like you are in the game. Ranging from rescue missions to peacekeeping missions gone wrong what can this […]
Basically, almost all smartphone users may have an idea of what VR means and what it is used for, and for those who do not know about it. let me explain; What Is VR? VR is also known as virtual reality. It is simply known as an interactive computer generated within a particular environment. Virtual […]
    Music is basically something that we all love to listen. I know a good number of musicians and I remember one asking me ”Being an App man and all, do you know some cool Android Apps for musicians”. Well, Yes I do. It could be tough to choose the best android apps for […]
Hey Guys! I am here to bring you an Amazing offer from Amazon. As you would already know, Amazon is actually the biggest online store in the world today. Are you a lover of Samsung devices like I am? You should check this out. This device has a lot of amazing features that’ll leave you satisfied […]


5 Best Depression Apps For Android 2020

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Depression is a mental disorder that causes someone to feel sad, unworthy, and lives in misery or hopelessness. Depression can affect a whole lot of persons irrespective of the type of temperament they have. Depression is an emotional and psychological breakdown that does not only affect the person who is depressed but also the people […]