Do you have information on your text message that is “for your eyes only”? With these lock SMS Messages Android Apps, you can keep your text messages away from inquisitive friends. The need for an SMS lock app for android cannot be overemphasized, I have been a victim to lots of cases because a friend […]
While growing up, I heard weird things. My mother actually told me that some hotels keep hidden cameras in their rooms. I am yet to find a hotel that does that and press charges immediately. Check out my list of hidden camera detector app Have you ever been concerned or worried that someone might be […]
Tik Tok has a vast library of songs that can be added to your videos while editing them via the TikTok app. But sometimes, it’s not just enough. Here’s how to add your own music to Tik Tok. Basically, I will be showing some steps you’ll need to take to add your recorded music on […]