12 Best Endless Runner Games For Android | Unique Selections

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Best Endless Runner Games For Android Best Endless Runner Games For Android totally brings out a side of me that plays games like this with absolute concentration and focus. You don’t want to miss the games that I have put on this list as my 12 Best Endless Runner Games For Android. Endless Runner Games […]

How To Change Google Assistant Voice   Can you change the accent of Google assistant? Sure thing, you can change the way your Google assistant sounds. You know? Give it that amazing female British accent or male American accent. Just launch Ok Google on your device >> Explore >>Settings >>Assistant >> Assistant voice >> select […]
How To Report A Problem On Instagram Instagram is an online photo and video sharing and app with millions of users it is more like a social networking app. Its users range from celebrities to social workers, marketers, and a whole lot of other users with different objectives as to why there are on Instagram. […]
Now that Apple and other Android developers as adapted to the notches design in the recent year, various smartphone makers like Vivo, Xiaomi, and Huawei are trying to bring a new version of slide phone. As many smartphone users are not a fan of the notch display. It brings a smile to see Android developers coming out […]
Global gaming revenue is on the up. According to a recent report by Newzoo, gamers spent $137.9 billion/£107.9 billion on games in 2018. Delving deeper into the statistics, there are now 2.3 billion players finding some form of entertainment across mobiles, consoles, and PCs. Of those devices, mobile is now the dominant medium with a […]


10 Best Equalizer Apps For Android | Get Equalized!!!

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Best Equalizer Apps For Android Do you need your sound or your favorite music equalized? then take a sneak peak at my list of nothing but the Best Equalizer Apps For Android. Equalizer apps are very important to those that listen to music almost every day, they need the sound to be equalized so that […]