16 Best Offline Shooting Games for Android 2018 | Guaranteed Action

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16 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android 2018 Hey there, are you willing and ready to try out the best offline shooting games for android on google play store? First-person Shooter Games are usually always very intense, fast-paced and highly addictive. This is still very true for my list of the best offline shooting games for […]

Microsoft is Launching Surface USB C Type Dongle. San Francisco The giant Microsoft is launching Microsoft ‘Type C USB’ dongle which will port on the existing Surface Connector charging slot, which allows the user to charge or connect to the USB-C. Microsoft’s current scope of Surface Pro and Surface Workstation devices don’t currently bolster USB-C, […]
Samsung Launches Galaxy Jean Smartphone with Infinity Display. Samsung Electronics, a South Korean electronics company, launched the smartphone called Galaxy Jean in its domestic market. The Galaxy Jean smartphone is a re-branded version of the Galaxy A6+ launched in this year. If you talk about the difference between these two devices then it is about […]


Best Games Like GTA For Android | The Best Of The Best 2018

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Best Games Like GTA For Android Grand theft auto is one of the best if not the best mission game ever developed. Amazing gameplay and dope graphics. Completely entertaining and totally worth it. It always keeps the player at the edge of his seat with exciting missions and every other minor detail being observed. You […]