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Now You Can Apply for Verified Instagram Account Yourself

Now You Can Apply for Verified Instagram Account Yourself


Now You Can Apply for Verified Instagram Account Yourself. Instagram will soon be a verified account like Twitter and Facebook, which will be shown with Blue Tick. This will help other users identify the celebrities present on Insta. Currently, the company is testing this account verification process in Australia so that users can submit the request for verification of their account.



How to Apply ‘Request Verification’:-

Blue Tick will not only be able to find your profile in search results but also make that account very reliable and it will also give users some special features. From 10th July Australian user can apply for profile verification. There would be an Option as “Request Verification” in the settings.


Currently available on iOS:-

Once the users submit their required data, Instagram will evaluate their profiles and if they think that it is correct, the account will be given a ‘verified status’. This feature is available only for the Instagram App of iOS, but it will be provided soon for Android


Works as a safeguard to determine the Real profile:-

Nikki Mick, strategic partner manager of Instagram, said, “This new feature will give users the opportunity to apply for their own verification and also help them understand the process of getting validated on Instagram. We also believe that introducing verification services for the public will prove to be the key step taken in safeguards towards our community.


According to the latest report, the Instagram will validate the profile of some of the various parameters such as popularity, reality or specificity (unconnected) and proforma compliance. As far as the details are required for the Verify Account, the users will have to give their username, full name and photo identification under it.


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