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Net Neutrality: How it affects you

Net Neutrality: How it affects you


For a while now you have probably been hearing news about “Net Neutrality “.  Maybe you haven’t been really able to understand what it means and how it’s going to affect your everyday usage of the internet. This article discusses all that plus more.


an example of what net neutrality would cause.
yes! it’s real. image credits to john laurits.


So let us have a breakdown of what net neutrality really is before we go down to how it affects us.

Net Neutrality breakdown.

Net= internet, the internet comprises of various interwoven networks of computers.  I feel you know this already.

This connection is in a way made possible by the help of certain vendors. These Vendors are called Internet Service Providers, ISPs for short.

Examples of these key ISP s include Verizon, At&t and others too many to list completely.

Neutrality: also meaning Non-partiality, being unbiased. Neutrality means that no special treatment is being given to any side.


Net Neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites you want to use. Net Neutrality is the way that the internet has always worked.

Net neutrality is a franchise that puts all the big players on the internet on equal levels. That means that no special treatment is given to anybody and that everyone has a right to access whatever he/she is going on the internet for.


Now let us have a look at what net neutrality really is and how it really affects us.

For example, a user on the Verizon network has unhindered access to Facebook, Twitter or any other network he/she wants.


Things are going to take a drastic turn for the Worse or better; depending on your point of view all because of one recent issue.


This act is being debated as to whether to be allowed to continue or repealed. Repealed in the sense that there will be no such thing as Net Neutrality anymore. This Implies that your ISP could choose the website or internet content you’re allowed to view.

This also means that the loading speed of a website you are viewing could be increased or decreased or even Jammed by your ISP. Imagine you typing www.techytab.com in your browser’s address bar and getting this message.


Image result for Net neutrality

The decision to repeal or uphold Net neutrality is literally in the hands of the Big Five. The Big Five is just an alternative term for the Federal Communications Commission. ”FCC” for short.

The FCC is a five-man committee in the United States of America. This Big Five is saddled with the responsibility of monitoring and regulating activities around the Digital World.

In short, they push the buttons around the Communication industry.


According to America today,  ”A Vote on Net Neutrality is scheduled for this month (January)”

Over to you! Are you in support of the  Act?.

Do you feel ISPs will play fair?.

Let’s hear from you.

pssst! here’s a quick prediction from Portugal on what will happen if the Net Neutrality bill is finally passed into law.

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