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How To Mute Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

How To Mute Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing


You can mute Instagram stories so that they don’t appear at the top of your home feeds.

Instagram, as we all know, is a social networking mobile app that allows sharing of media such as photos and videos from mobile devices.

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Instagram is owned by Facebook, and just like Facebook offers swift social media services, Instagram does the same.

When you join Instagram, you have to create a profile, and then you would be able to share and access Newsfeeds, photos, short video clips, you can also add a Story.

Instagram has a feature called ‘Instagram story‘ and this feature helps you post photos or videos that will disappear after 24 hours, it does capture images and video clips that appear in a slideshow format. 

It also supports text editing.

We cannot doubt the fact that Instagram has grown so much in the last couple of years and thus, Instagram users are densely populated.

There are lots of reasons why you would want to mute story on Instagram, it could be that the person usually uploads offensive stories or too many stories that get boring while viewing. Instagram has made this very easy for you and we are going to show you how to Mute Instagram stories.

When you mute a story, it does not play automatically when you are viewing stories, it would not be surrounded by a colorful ring like the other stories on your feed, and it will appear at the end of the bar at the top of feeds. cool right!

Muting story does not necessarily mean unfollowing or muting account, in this case, the only thing you are muting is the Instagram story of a user account. You’ll still see their posts in the news feed.

Now that you have explicit knowledge of what Instagram stories are, and what it means to mute Instagram stories, let us proceed to the steps;

How to Mute Stories On Instagram

  • Launch your Instagram app
  • Tap and hold the profile picture of the person’s story you’d like to mute
How to Mute Stories On Instagram
  • Tap mute
How to Mute Stories On Instagram
  • Tap mute story

Alternatively, you can tap beside the person’s post or go to the person’s profile>> tap the three horizontal dots at the top right or beside the post>> mute>> mute story.

Instagram has assured us that the muted party will not be notified, either when muted or unmuted, so you should not nurse thoughts of fear while doing this.

I hope this article has been helpful.

Please feel free to share your ideas or experiences on how to mute Instagram stories.

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