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How To Mute Direct Messages on Instagram | Stop Notifications

How To Mute Direct Messages on Instagram | Stop Notifications


Instagram, beautifully designed and created by Facebook as a social media for communication and leisure purposes, has grown vastly in the past years and as its user base has also increased rapidly, every mobile app developer knows the need to introduce new useful features as they create updates.

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Instagram has a feature that can mute direct messages.

They are times when you receive very irrelevant messages on Instagram, some may come as spam while others may just be annoying notifications of a funny post or an advert directed to you by a friend.

Not everyone likes such messages, the good news is that we are going to show you how to stop direct messages on Instagram

What are direct messages on Instagram?

Previously, if you had to share a post or a funny video with a friend or group of friends, you would have to tag them in the post by using ‘@’ when you mention the person’s name.

You could also share by creating a group and posting the video in the group.

Instagram rebranded this feature and came up with the direct message feature where you just have to tap an arrow icon to forward a post to someone on your friends’ list without having to mention or tag the person in the original post.

In this case, it is not just you sending direct messages, you are also bound to receive these notifications too from others on your list.

Trust me when I tell you that this can be very inconveniencing sometimes, lots of Instagram users have searched for ways to mute direct messages on Instagram that is why we have deemed it necessary to show you how to mute Direct Messages on Instagram.

Before you consider doing this, we would love you to understand that the steps we are about to show you are just to mute the direct message notification and not to totally block it.

So, you would receive the messages silently this time and its in your opinion to either view or ignore.

Here are the steps;

How To Mute Direct Messages on Instagram

  • Launch Instagram app.
  • Tap on the Icon representing Direct Messages at the top right of your screen.
how to mute direct messages on Instagram
  • Tap and long-press the conversation you want to mute
how to mute direct messages on Instagram
  • Tap on ‘Mute Notification’
how to mute direct messages on Instagram

The steps are very easy and helpful, you can mute all those irrelevant messages one after the other, as such you would not receive message notifications from the muted user’s’.

Note: You would have to also ensure that your Instagram app is up to date else the process and images in this article may not be exactly the same as the previous versions.

Also, if you wish to start receiving notifications from muted friends or group, then all you need do is, follow the same procedure and ‘Unmute Notification’.

I hope this article has helped you mute direct messages on Instagram. Feel free to share your thoughts and contributions on how to mute direct messages on Instagram in the comment section below.

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