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12 Best Motor Boat Driving Games For Android

12 Best Motor Boat Driving Games For Android


Hey, motor boat driving fans, are you interested in the best motor boat driving games for android?

Motor boat driving games are totally fun to play and very addictive. The graphics are unique and appealing.

I have about two motor boat driving games on my Android device and trust me when I tell you, I get confused about which one to play first.

This is simply because, they are all unique and exciting with their own significant driving features, graphics, and gameplay.

The game play is outstandingly captivating…


enough talk, check out the best motor boat driving games for android on my list.

List: Best Motor Boat Driving Games For Android

  • Jet Ski Racing Games: Jetski Shooting – Boat Games

Have you ever come across this game before? maybe it popped out as an advertisement on an app and seeing that you might find Ads annoying, and interrupting, you ignored it.

Well, today this game is topping my list as one of the best motor boat driving games for android.

This game is one of the motor boat driving games with the coolest graphics so far, with tons of missions and driving test.

  • Police Speed Boat Gangster Chase

Woo! Woo! Here comes the police! yeah, indeed the police is here, but in this case you are the police, you are the law, you’re the one in charge.

Your duty, as you swore an oat to uphold and protect, well, even if you didn’t let’s just play along shall we.

Your duty is to chase drug dealers, gangsters, and other bad guys committing heinous crimes on the sea, and apprehend them.

Get involved in some stunning graphic action boat chase. I can’t stress the fun in playing this game, you’ll have to download and check it out for yourself. Thank you.

  • Top Boat: Racing Simulator 3D

This one right here is a motor boat racing simulator game with intense gameplay and smooth graphics. I personally fell in love with this one, this is literally the second motor boat driving game I said I had on my device.

Well, I got space on my device to install as many games as I want , and my android smartphone is also running on the latest android version, so if you’re like me, you can have more than one of these games on your smartphone.

Top boat racing simulator 3D is a great game, with several racing missions and amazing world settings. The whole thing is in 3D, you can have a mental image of what that looks like in this game.

  • Jet Ski Water Boat Racing 3D Free

Jet ski water boat racing 3D is another amazing 3D game that is has unique graphics and simple gameplay.

You don’t have to worry about paying for this game, it’s totally free. It’s an online and offline game, suitable for all android devices. You can drop in on the online mode and engage in an intense multiplayer elimination racing mode.

You can also decide to play offline if you have poor internet connection or no connection at all.

  • Real Speed Boat Stunts – Impossible Racing Games

Do amazing motor boat stunts with this amazing game for android. This is some crazy realistic graphics we got here. I mean, looking at images all day won’t cut it, you need to hit that download button below and download this game right now.

Tap the left and right button to stir or turn your boat, tap the race button to accelerate, then tap the brake button to stop.

Now, you’ve gotten the basics on how to play this game, to get the basics on how to perform some cool stunts, well, you will have to visit the game for that.

  • Boating Game in Us : Jet Ski Water Boat Racing

Just like car street racing, this is motor boat racing. You’ll hear things like, on your marks! ready! go!

And away we go, and you’ll find yourself competing and racing with the best motor boat racers in the game. Engage in more complicated races to compete and unlock other race missions and seas.

This game is not easy to play, but it’s also not had to learn, if you want to, you can get it. This game is just 18mb in the download size, so how about you give it a try.

  • Speedboat Challenge

Speedboat challenge! Yeah! This game is to die for, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay, hmmm! stunning, the controls are just so smooth that if you’re not careful, you might drive your speedboat out of your phone’s screen into the real world.

I’m just kidding though, but not kidding about how great this game is. It might not be top on my list, but, as I told you in the introduction of this article, every game on my list is unique with its own stunning graphics that can’t be watered down.

  • Water Boat Racing

This game is not all about the amazing graphics, but you can give it a good 5-star rating for the smooth gameplay, and controls. Race in different fascinating tracks, and control your motor boat to pass through all the checkpoints to earn more points to purchase more boats.

This game has over a hundred thousand downloads so far, and it’s just 22mb in the download size, so here’s your chance to get an amazing motor boat racing game for android.

  • Boat Master: Boat Parking & Navigation Simulator

This is what you will call, a mature motor boat driving game for android. Your job in this game is to drive the boat from where it is, to park it at where the park mark or checkpoint is.

It’s a really good boat simulator game, navigating with realistic boat controls, and parking it in the perfect point. You might not only drive and park a boat, but you can also drive and park a Yacht.

Use the realistic berthing controls to drive the boat around the docks area. I personally don’t have this game on my device, but after telling you all about this game, I feel an urge to download it for myself, won’t you care to join me?

  • Xtreme Boat Racing 2019: Speed Jet Ski Stunt Games

This is an extreme game indeed, you’ll find pother boat racers, stirring close to you just to hit your boat to cause it to summersault so that they can take the first position.

Yeah! that’s what I said the first position. This is a typical racing game, where you can race with over 3 players offline, and race to the finish line at sea.

Prepare yourself for some realistic graphics, did I forget to mention in 3D? yeah, it’s in 3D alright. The gameplay is pretty good, and the controls is smooth and steady.

  • Water Jetski Power Boat Racing 3D

The power that comes out from the boats can’t be expressed, it’s like the boats have a turbo and they move with crazy speed. There is no motor boat driving game like this game.

You have various challenges, several missions, and 5 amazing powerboats to drive with. Now, I just got word that you can shoot in this game too, now I’m convinced that this should be the best motor boats driving game ever.

Drive with different driving modes, in which each mode has 10 levels. There are also different environments, the summer, snow, and the city environment.

  • Boat Racing 3D: Jetski Driver & Water Simulator

I haven’t played this game before, but I totally hope it’s as good as it looks. The unique features in this game are, the world cup series that you can engage in, over 25 customizable motor boats, challenging levels, and a lot of water scooper to choose from.

Become the best motor boast racer the world has ever seen. Get a boat and test your stunts and skills in a freestyle mode to enable you to prepare for the big task of winning the world cup tournament.

This game is free and ready for download, what are you waiting for? hit that download button now!


That’s what this is all about, get crazy with amazing graphics and stunning gameplay that all the motor boat games on my list have to offer.

I’m sure you will find all the games on my list above soothing, drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

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