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9 Most Expensive Android Apps And Games | Weird & Expensive

9 Most Expensive Android Apps And Games | Weird & Expensive

Most Expensive Android Apps And Games

Recently, the Android market has expanded beyond what people could ever expect and the Android platform has more than 2.2 million apps available for download.

While up to 45% of the apps are free to use, some of them cost between $1 to $4 on the average. However, there are still some pricey apps on the platform that I may not be able to recommend to you to download because of their price.

But it will still be fun to talk about them. Here are the 9 most expensive android apps and games; enjoy!

List Of Most Expensive Android Apps And Games

Abu Moo Collection ($400 each, $2400 total)

If you are talking of an expensive app for Android, this is it. The Abu Moo Collection has 6 expensive apps in it instead of just one. Each of the apps cost as much as $400. Wondering why it’s so expensive? I do too! But these apps are nothing but a one by one widget that only shows an expensive gem on your home screen. To get the six gems, that will be $2400 – enough to buy you a new MacBook Pro. People who buy this app only do to oppress their poor neighbors.

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics – $143.99

Here’s the second on my list of most expensive android Apps and Games. This is a medical textbook app created by MedHand Mobile Libraries, and obviously, one of the most expensive apps you can find on Play store.

It was built to better detect, diagnose, and help manage genetic conditions. It offers a complete set of medical calculators like body mass index, expiratory flows and dehydration correction calculators.

Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery – $249.99

It seems we have finally been able to find a useful app that probably worth the money. Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery is a massive glossary of various surgical operations – how they are being performed, and any other relevant materials.

However, if you are not a medical student, there is no point in getting the app. It features colorful illustrations and coverage of more than 230 procedures. To me, I will say this app is worth the price because t actually does perform a function.

The Most Expensive App – $400

This app gained some popularity as a result of its cosmetic approach to marketing. They make you believe that every rich man out there has the app.

Like the Abu Moo apps, this app also does nothing than showing a diamond image on your device display. Even on the Play store, you can’t get a screenshot of the actual image. Instead, the developer added an image that displays a text reading, “You will see a shiny diamond here.”

5-Minute Sports Medicine – $99.99

This app is an educational app that provides fast and precise guidance on how to treat several injuries caused during the everyday practice of sports.

It boasts of about 280 treatment methods which are well summarized in 5-minute format to instant treatment to anyone. Wondering why it’s that expensive? It is actually written by real doctors – that may be the reason for the high price. If you are a nurse practitioner, athletic trainer, physician, or orthopedist, you will find the app handy.

Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery – $180

This is definitely worth including on this list of the 9 most expensive apps and games for android because it costs up to $180 to get.

Bonney’s Gyn Surgery is another educational textbook app like the Sports Medicine app. It also covers a wide range of gynecological surgery procedures.

The app was also written by real doctors and has information on various surgical procedures as well as colorful images to back them up.

#10: Dr. Web Security Space Life – $75

This app is an antivirus app and one of the most pricey apps on Play store. Unlike what is experienced in most apps,

Dr. Web Security Space Life offers several ways by which you can pay for the antivirus, including paying a lifetime fee of $75 for a license.

This may look absurd, but most antivirus apps have monthly and yearly subscriptions, which when it adds up, is a lot of money. Comparatively speaking, a flat payment of $75 is actually a great way to save some bucks on an antivirus.

G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea – $90

This is a GPS golf range finder with an amazing graphical view. If you are a golfer and playing for the first time in Korea and in a new golf course, this app is sure the guide you need.

It allows you to download up to 10 different golf courses. Also, it features mark position, target point, auto searching, driving distance measurement, and lots more.

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine – $129.99

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is a mega-collection of more than 2000 high quality morphological, clinical, radiological, and laboratory pictures. The pictures represent the signs and symptoms of various common disorders.

Looking for an accurate and fast way to diagnose more than 200 internal medical conditions? This app is a go! You don’t need an internet connection to view the app. It allows for easy navigation while browsing the content and searching for topics.

Most Expensive Android Apps And Games

Now you see why most of these apps and games I call most expensive apps and games for Android are not common among Android users? They are way too expensive for most of us, and even if we have the money, there are thousand and one ways to better spend much money. However, I’m sure you had fun going through the list.

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  1. I really can’t believe people can pay this much for mere games. There are absolutely better ways to spend my money.
    Good job here, Beejay.

  2. Great statistic!
    However, as it was already pointed out, the games are clearly not something you should spend that much.


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