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Mobile Number and Email verification mandatory to create profile on Twitter

Mobile Number and Email verification mandatory to create profile on Twitter


Mobile Number and Email verification will be mandatory to create a new profile on Twitter Soon. Twitter is used all over the world, if it is said that it is at the top of the most preferred social media sites, that would be very correct. Like other sites, Twitter has to face spam, trolls, hate speech etc. Keeping this in mind, the company will soon make some new changes to prevent fraud, hack speeches, abusers etc from fake accounts and theirs.


Twitter has given full details of these upcoming changes through its official blog post. The company has been working on certain changes in the process of creating new accounts and verification of existing accounts.





In this order, the company would be making big changes and it is going to be very difficult for those who create fake accounts. Twitter is going to improve its sign-up process, which would make it difficult to register any spam accounts. In fact, the company is going to make it mandatory for new accounts to be verified by giving an email address and phone number information at the time of sign-up on Twitter. Which means that if you want to use Twitter, then you will have to give this information in a definite way.


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Apart from this, the company is working on the audit of existing accounts, The company has stated in the blog post that with its help we can stop the 50,000 spam sign-ups from day to day. In addition, Twitter is working on some processes so that the activities of a suspicious account can be tracked. For example, if a single hashtag is tagged with a single account repeatedly and no reply is being made on that account then any action can be taken on it.


Although these tests will vary according to the conditions, if the matter is not very serious then the user will have to complete the reCAPTCHA process or password reset request, so that they will be able to access their account. If there is a serious issue then such users will be automatically sent to the company’s team for review.

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