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11 Top Magnifying Glass Apps For Android 2021 That Work

11 Top Magnifying Glass Apps For Android 2021 That Work


Never again!

If you have ever been in a restaurant with low or dark light you’ll agree with me that it can be difficult to read from the menu.

You don’t need to bring a flashlight to dinner, simply install any of these magnifying glass apps for Android and you’ll be able to read any text no matter how small the text is or how dark the room is.

Are you ready, let’s ride!

List of Best Magnifying Glass Apps For Android

  • Magnifier Plus | Digitalchemy, LLC

See clearly in low light, zoom in and out with ease, quick freeze and more amazing features are all packed in the Magnifier plus app for Android. Tiny fonts will never be a problem again if you use this App. Just like any great magnifying app it has a share and save feature that can be used to store images in your gallery or share them to the platform of your choice.

It also has a negative mode and flashlight support which are both perfect for low light situations.

  • Magnifier | Pony mobile

Gone are the days when we needed to carry manual magnifiers, now all you need is your smartphone and of course a working camera. This app is totally free and easy to use. Some of its features are; It can zoom from 1x to 10x, It has a lot of filters that can protect your eye from the rays. You can even take and save photos with Magnifier.

You can use this app to check the description of your current medication, check serial numbers on your electrical devices and more.

Magnifier | Pony mobile
  • Pocket Magnifier with LED

This App is lightweight, it can take screenshots of magnified images and save on your phone’s gallery. It has zoom x2, x3, x4 and x8. Pocket magnifier is absolutely perfect for people that have issues reading small text.

You don’t need to panic if you forgot your glasses at home or work, with pocket magnifier, you’d be able to read any text.

Pocket Magnifier with LED
  • SuperVision+ | SERI_MEE Tools

One of the major reasons why most cool apps get very low star rating is because of (ads). SuperVision is different. It is the only magnifying glass app for Android that I have seen that shows no ads. You should definitely check it out.

Although, in the future they might show ads, so, let’s enjoy this ad free magnifying glass app while it last. Some of its features are; Landscape mode, amazing zoom feature and more.

  • weZoom | Loviapps

The zoom feature on this magnifying glass app is crazy! You might literally stop using your glasses to read after seeing what this Apps can do. Big shout out to the developers for creating this one.

Here are some features worthy of note; you can switch between manual or auto focus, you can set the volume keys to perform certain actions, share photos with ease and more.

  • Magnifier – Magnifying glass | innovative media arts

Say hello to yet another amazing pick on my list of best magnifying glass app for android. This App by innovative media arts has some cool features and amazing user interface. It works hand in hand with the flashlight of your phone in low light situations.

With this magnifier app for Android, you won’t have a hard time reading small text. You’ll love this one, I know you would.

Magnifier - Magnifying glass
  • Magnifier | Studio 360 Apps

Here is one of my favorite magnifying glass apps for Android 2021, I use this one to enlarge the write-up on the back of my medicine pack and it does the job flawlessly. It also has a freeze feature that you can use to pause at a particular place so you can read it properly.

Unlike other magnifying glass apps for Android, this one doesn’t blur images or pictures after zooming in. It comes out crisp and clear.

Magnifier Studio 360 Apps
  • Magnifying glass | Techie Computers

I bet you didn’t know your phone could do this for you. Just download this App and watch your phone perform wonders with this magnifying glass app for Android. This app lets you zoom in on text or objects even if your device doesn’t support zoom.

You can save and share zoomed in images, adjust white balance, custom set volume keys, supports pinch to zoom and a lot more cool features. Download and enjoy, but be sure to thank me later.

  • Magnifying glass | Paago Tools

Meet this simple but yet wonderful magnifying glass app for Android. It supports from Android 4.0 up until the latest version of Android. You can use this app if you have weak eyesight.

Reading books or just about any kind of text becomes easy with this magnifying glass app from Paago Tools. Reading in the dark is also made easy with the help of this app. It doesn’t take up much space on your device, it’s size is 7.3M.

Magnifying glass Paago Tools
  • Magnifier |Memrised appstudio

Picture this, you can’t find your reading glasses and you are about to give a speech from a piece of paper. You don’t need to panic when you can simply download a magnifier App and deliver your speech as it is in the script.

There are a lot of special apps to make small text large and this is definitely one of them. You can zoom in and out by simply tapping or pinching your finger. It also can work with your flashlight for low light situations.

Magnifier Memrised appstudio
  • Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy]Paid

This one works two ways, you can use it as a magnifier for reading small text or use it as a microscope for zooming in on insects or objects. Either way, it works great. However, it is a paid app. That means you will have to pay a little amount to download it.

The good thing is, after you have paid, you won’t be troubled with annoying ads here and there. Some of its features are; image freezing, LED flashlight, photo viewer, image filters and more.


These apps are what you should use if you are finding it difficult to read a text that seems too small. With the help of these magnifying glass apps for android 2021, you’d be able to zoom in on just about any kind of text.

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