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Top 11 Logo Maker Apps For Android 2021 That Top Geeks Use

Top 11 Logo Maker Apps For Android 2021 That Top Geeks Use


If you want to design a logo get in here.

Welcome! What if I told you that you do not need to purchase an expensive app or tool to create a logo for your business. Would you believe me?

I would like to show you a compilation of some amazing logos I have created for me and my friends but I don’t want to take much of your time.

Let’s head straight to the part where I show you some of the best logo maker Apps for Android devices.

Brace yourselves;

List of Best Logo Maker Apps For Android

  • Logo Maker | Content Arcade Apps

Here is the first on my list of best logo maker apps 2021, this app has all shades of amazing. With over 2000+ logo templates to choose from, you’ll surely find the right one for your business logo. It is also easy to use. You can make a logo in very few easy steps.

With this app you can make letter heads, trademarks and logos in any size of your choice. You should check it out.

Logo Maker Content Arcade Apps
  • Logo Maker Plus

Next up is Logo maker plus, this app allows you to get creative and design the best logo for your business. There are thousands of graphic elements that you can use to create the perfect logo. There are icons, symbols, and lots of elements to choose from.

Trust me, the possible things you can do with this app is almost endless. You’ll literally never run out of things to use. This logo maker can also be used to create banners.

Logo Maker Plus
  • DesignEvo – Logo Maker

Pick a shape, add some text, add color, resize and that’s all. Creating a logo with DesingEvo is quite easy. If you do not like the available options in the previous apps, you can try DesignEvo, it has nice looking options that you’d like.

With over 3500+ logo templates and 100+ fonts, you’ll almost never run out of ideas on what to use.

DesignEvo - Logo Maker
  • Logo Maker | Stylish App World

You don’t need to pay when you want a logo done for your business, simply download this logo maker app for android and get creative. I like it because it has professional looking templates. On this app you’d get over 5000 different logo templates to choose from.

Logo maker adds more spice to your logo with features like backgrounds, colors, textures and more.

  • Logo Maker Pro Free

I used this one to make a logo for my friend that owns a shoe selling business. He loved it so much that he had it printed in real-time and is currently using it in his store.

It is fully customizable with lots and lots of features like background editing, catchy fonts and amazing texture options. This logo maker pro is free to use and does the logo creation job pretty well.

Logo Maker Pro Free
  • Logo Maker For Business Logo Design

If you are looking at making a logo that has more color, this should be your choice. Let’s say you own a restaurant, gymnasium or fun kids park, you can use this logo maker to create your logo for free rather than paying huge money to get it done.

This app has lots of 2D and 3D designs to choose from, it also has lots of elements that you can use to make your logo better. There’s a also a feature to add logo to your own photo, a feature that will come in handy if you want to brand a product.

  • Logo Maker | Ravians Solutions

Meet another sweetheart on my list of best logo maker apps android 2021, this app also does a good job in creating classy and flashy logos for your business. There is a huge collection of graphic elements to choose from in this app. I love the 2D and 3D fonts available in this app.

If you are advertising your business via social media without adding a watermark (your logo) to the image, you are making a big mistake.

Logo Maker | Ravians Solutions
  • Logo Maker | Desygner Pty

The developers of this app did a great job of creating what I can boldly call one of the best logo maker apps for android in 2021. With this app, you can create a logo for your brand without having knowledge of designing. The app comes packed with a lot of free templates and fonts to choose from.

It also has thousands of customizable icons that you can use to spice up your logo. Making logos has has been made easy thanks to apps like this.

Logo Maker | Desygner Pty
  • Logo maker business Poster

Just like a others this one contains ads, but don’t worry, it won’t mess with user experience. It can be used to create the perfect logo for your brand from your smartphone. The user interface is very friendly and you also have tons of customizable logos to choose from.

This app can also be used to create 3D business cards. Download now and thank me later.

Logo maker business Poster
  • Logo Maker: Design & Create

If you love simplicity like me then this should be your final bus stop on best logo making apps for Android. With this app you do not need any design knowledge, even a kid can create a logo with this App. This app comes packed with amazing color and text editing tools, it is so easy to use even a kid can make a logo with it.

What are you waiting for, check it out and let me know your thoughts about it.

  • Canva: Graphic Design, Video, Invite & Logo Maker

Almost everyone knows canva, the popular image editing, and logo creator platform. Well, they have an app. It’s not easy to use Canva as is the other apps, but in time you’ll surely get the hang of it.

Canva has endless possibilities when it comes to creating logos. In fact, some of the big companies (names withheld) used Canva to create their logo.



If you own a business, the need for a logo cannot be over-emphazied. You should never advertise your to friends, family or anonymous people without your logo attached. Creating a logo in the past was quite difficult, but with the help of these logo maker apps for Android, you should have no issues creating a logo for yourself in a matter of minutes.

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